What is John Cena doing now?

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what is john cena doing now

What is John Cena doing now?

Fans have been asking the question for years, since John Cena hung up his boots as a full time WWE Superstar. It has been 5 years since the WWE Universe have had the opportunity to watch him weekly on either Raw or Smackdown, and they have started to wonder where the 16-time Champion has gone.

Being one of the biggest stars in wrestling, John Cena has been greatly missed. Since his debut in 2002 he has been one of the most famous and most reliable superstars in wrestling history.

He has main evented countless shows, wrestled thousands of matches and beaten the best of the best inside the squared circle.

For the first time without him on TV weekly, despite his recent return to TV on a part-time basis, we’ll look at what John Cena is doing now and simply what happened to John Cena?

What is John Cena doing now?

John Cena left WWE in August 2021 after losing to Roman Reigns at Summerslam 2021. The match was for the Universal Championship, and Cena unsuccessfully challenged Reigns to try and win his 17th World Championship match.

After the event, John Cena bid farewell to the WWE Universe, but claimed he would return “home” to see the fans soon enough. This took a whole year to occur, but he did come back to WWE eventually.

As to what John Cena was doing in his time away from WWE, the answer is simple. He was trying to make it in Hollywood and successfully landed him some huge roles in movies and shows to help boost his stardom across the world.

John Cena starred as “Peacemaker” in James Gunn’s hit movie “The Suicide Squad”. He impressed in the role, earning himself a TV series the same name as the character, which drew great reviews with critics particularly enjoying a different kind of performance from the WWE legend.

He also made an appearance in the “Fast & the Furious” franchise. He appeared in the latest instalment “Fast 9”, appearing as the villain of the movie named “Jake Toretto”. The franchise, helmed by Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to release it’s 10th movie soon and there is a chance Cena could be a part of the historic movie.

Despite his former WWE rival being synonymous with “Fast and the Furious”, The Rock did not appear with John Cena in the movie. It is also unlikely The Rock will be a part of Fast 10, due to a real life feud with co-star Vin Diesel.

John Cena is currently filming a number of movies and making his name in holiday, which is why he is no longer a part of the WWE roster.

John Cena WWE return

John Cena returned to WWE in June 2022 for a special “John Cena Appreciation Night”, celebrating 20 years of John Cena in WWE.

He is likely to be part of a huge match at Summerslam 2022. Cena is likely to face “Mr Money in the Bank” Theory in a blockbuster match, but could also challenge Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER for the championship. It is the last belt John Cena needs to complete the “WWE Grand Slam”, having won all other titles in WWE in his incredible 20 year career.

Is John Cena in the Hall of Fame?

John Cena is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, and for good reason. The 16 time World, while being absent from WWE for almost year, is still yet to retire from active in-ring competition. The man known as “the champ” still has a few good years left in him.

He is certain to headline his Hall of Fame class once he retires. John Cena has a record-equalling 16 World Championship reigns, equalled only by 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Cena also boasts a host of other accomplishments, such as being a Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner (twice) and a United States Champion, just to name a few of his many honours.

However, it is not impossible that John Cena is inducted into the Hall of Fame as an active talent. Ric Flair and Goldberg are the only two men who were inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the active WWE roster and John Cena is a big enough legend to join them on that illustrious list.

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