Why Wasn’t Becky Lynch NXT Women’s Champion?

Hamish Woodward

Becky Lynch NXT Champion

It seems crazy to think that one of the biggest stars in the WWE never held gold down in NXT, despite being a product of their system. All the top stars who came through NXT during it’s peak – like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks – seemed to hold the NXT titles at some point as they ascended up the ranks to the main roster. That was not the case for all, however.

Becky Lynch never won the NXT Women’s Championship. The Lass Kicker was a key part of the women’s division in the company during its absolute peak, when she competed alongside fellow stars Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Despite later becoming the most popular wrestler – not just out of the women, but out of everyone – Becky Lynch never managed to hold the gold in the WWE developmental system.

The reason for her lack of title win is clear and obvious, but looking back will shock you. She was the first woman ever to main event Wrestlemania. She became the most popular wrestler in the world, winning multiple world championships and the Royal Rumble match. Lynch even took time off to have a baby at her peak, only returning to turn from beloved face to the top heel in the division, showing her immense talent that cannot be topped. So why didn’t Becky Lynch win the NXT Women’s Championship?

Why Wasn’t Becky Lynch NXT Women’s Champion?

Becky Lynch didn’t win the NXT Women’s Championship because WWE never saw her as a star. She was almost fired by NXT early on in her career and came into the company low on confidence, having been forced to retire from wrestling years earlier. She was bottom of the totem pole from her time in NXT and on the main roster, which fans always frustrated by how Vince McMahon booked the Irish star.

From Becky Lynch’s debut she was always below the other women in terms of being WWE’s main event projects. The other three of the Four Horsewomen were ahead of her both in terms of their time in NXT, but also their skills at the time. Charlotte Flair was the prodigy, the daughter of Ric Flair who had the weight of the WWE machine behind her. She was NXT Champion after Paige and was certain to succeed.

Sasha Banks was next in line. She defeated Charlotte for the belt and was the best wrestler of the punch. She also created a great character in “The Boss”, showing the most personality of the four, with her connections to rapper Snoop Dogg not hurting her cause.

Meanwhile, Bayley was the ultimate babyface. She had been destined to beat Banks from the minute she debuted on the main roster. She helped put women’s wrestling on the map, with her and Banks being the first ever women to main event an NXT Pay Per View.

There was simply no room for Becky Lynch to win the NXT Women’s Championship. She could have stayed in NXT for another year, but there was no need. By the time she was called up, she had gotten her confidence back and was one of the best women’s wrestlers. She also found a great character which would continue to evolve, and a natural way for the fans to attach to her and accept her. They just wanted to win all the time, something which was exclusive to Bayley when they were in NXT.

She may one day drop down to win the NXT Women’s Championship, but right now it is below her. Becky Lynch doesn’t need it. She is the greatest female wrestler in WWE history, a legend of the game and a future WWE Hall of Fame headliner. There is no doubt in my mind that Becky Lynch is the GOAT in the WWE Women’s Division and her lack of NXT Women’s Championship will be an irrelevant footnote in an unparralleled career in WWE.

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