WWE Clash at the Castle – Matches, Date, Time, Tickets revealed

WWE Clash at the Castle Date and Time

WWE Clash at the Castle will be in the Principality Stadium (formerly the Millennium Stadium) in Cardiff on September 3rd 2022. Doors will open for Clash at the Castle at 3PM and the event will star at 5.30PM, UK time.

It is a much earlier start time than usual for a WWE event. For US-based Pay Per View events, WWE shows start at around 1am UK time. However, that would be unfeasible for WWE to run in the UK, so Clash at the Castle will start at a more reasonable 5.30 pm local time.

Drew McIntyre, the first-ever British WWE Champion, spoke about WWE Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales. Speaking about the show in the Welsh capital, McIntyre said: “The city of Cardiff is ready for WWE Clash at the Castle on September 3, and I know that everyone in Wales, across the UK and around the entire world is ready to make history with us, too. Get your tickets and be part of the magic. I can’t wait to hear just how loud Principality Stadium can get.”

WWE Clash at the Castle Tickets

WWE Clash at the Castle tickets are available to purchase from Ticketmaster. Tickets range from £34 to £2500 for various seats and are sold at a first come first serve basis.

Fans have been left bewildered by the incredible prices set by WWE. Clash at the Castle ticket prices have been deemed as too high, with many families being priced out of the event due to the high prices and the cost of living crisis.

WWE Clash at the Castle Matches

As of the time of writing, no matches have been confirmed for WWE Clash at the Castle. As the show is 4 months away, WWE still have time to build up to the event and book some blockbuster matches for all the Welsh fans to enjoy.

However, there have been rumours over which matches could be booked for the huge Cardiff show. Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that WWE is planning for Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, presumably for the Universal Championship.

Another match rumoured for Clash at the Castle is Drew McIntyre facing off with two time World Heavyweight Champion boxer Tyson Fury. Fury previously defeated Braun Strowman in a match in Saudi Arabia, and the Englishman could face Scotsman McIntyre in a huge attraction match in Cardiff.

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    • @Sue Applewhaite,
      It is not currently confirmed but it is likely the show will finish between 10pm and 11pm.
      If it’s the latter then the last train out of Cardiff will already have left so I recommend alternate travel arrangements are made

    • @Sue Applewhaite, the stadium has a 1030 curfew I reckon around 915/945 finish the last train out to London is near 11 ish

    • @Ian Rice, unless they add another train to Sarn after 10:30pm I’m going to get a lift back. Hopefully it finishes before 10pm so I can get the train home.


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