WWE No Way Out Set To Return In 2024

One of WWE’s classic Pay Per Views No Way Out looks set to return to the WWE PPV Schedule in 2024, according to recent reports.

The event was famous for being being the home of the Elimination Chamber match for 2008 and 2009 and has featured some huge matches over the years. It ran as a regular event for WWE from it’s debut in 2000 to 2009, with a one-off final edition of the show coming in 2012, featuring matches involving stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena and CM Punk.

It was replaced in 2010 by Elimination Chamber, as WWE moved to pay per views named after their various match stipulations. This was followed by the likes of Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank and the ill-fated Fatal 4-Way event, which was only shown once before being discontinued indefinitely.

These changes were a Vince McMahon directive but he has since retired from WWE earlier this year and his replacement – legendary former WWE Champion Triple H – has been quick to enact his own vision on the company, including bringing back former stars like Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt into the company again.

Another one of Triple H’s changes looks to be the return of a fan-favourite pay per view – No Way Out. With the stipulation-specific pay per views not proving popular with the fans, he looks to be considering bringing back the show which has featured some legendary matches for WWE in the past.

According to a report by insider XeroNews on Twitter, the recently announced WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 in Montreal is going to be the last event in the pay per views chronology, ending with the 14th edition of the event. He announced that it will be part of the 2023 WWE PPV schedule but that it will be replaced by No Way Out started in 2024.

In their latest Twitter post, XeroNews reported;

The Elimination Chamber in 2023 will be the last one. No way Out is due to replace it in 2024

In a later Tweet, they also revealed that the event will “probably” include an Elimination Chamber match but would not hang their hat on that news just yet.

No way out will be the ppv name will probably feature the elimination chamber

WWE has yet to officially announce the event to take place in 2024 as they are still filling in their calendar for next years shows. Stay tuned to Atletifo.com to find the latest news on WWE pay per views and all the latest news on the world of wrestling, including WWE, AEW, NJPW and much, much more.

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