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Hulk Hogan vs Mick Foley

Hulk Hogan & Mick Foley Shoot On Each Other In Lost Interview

Hulk Hogan claimed that Mick Foley “prostituted his body” in …

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William Regal sits on his throne as King of the Ring

How William Regal’s King of the Ring victory ruined his career

William Regal’s year was meant to be 2008. From becoming …

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Hulk Hogan’s Best Matches Throughout His Career, Ranked

One of the most famous wrestlers of all time is …

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Randy Orton Retires

Randy Orton Could Retire As WWE Concerns About Injury Worsens

One year on from his last match, Randy Orton could …

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brock lesnar eddie guerrero

Brock Lesnar on Eddie Guerrero – “I Still Miss Eddie Every Day!”

It’s been 18 years since the passing of WWE legend …

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cm punks best matches

CM Punk’s Best Matches Of His 20 Year Career

CM Punk is one of the greatest wrestlers of all …

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shawn michaels wife

Shawn Michaels’ Wife Was Punched By Chris Jericho

The 2008 rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho remains …

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Best Wrestlemania Matches

The Top 25 Best WrestleMania Matches In WWE History

After WrestleMania 39 put on one of the greatest shows …

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Jeff Hardy’s Best Matches Ever, As Voted By The Fans

Former WWE pro-wrestler Jeff Hardy is one of the best …

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Anthony Bowens Rejected WWE Contract After AEW Debut

WWE is not beyond trying to poach AEW talent. Ben …

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Why was Roman Reigns Suspended? What happened to Roman Reigns?

Why was Roman Reigns suspended for drug violations in 2016? …

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Top 5 planned Undertaker Wrestlemania matches that never happened

The Undertaker fought some of the biggest stars ever at …

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The Fantastic Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak At Elimination Chamber 2020

The latest match in my Classic Matches series is one …

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The Dark Tale of Mr Kennedy’s Wrestling School

Mr Kennedy is a name hardcore wrestling fans will remember …

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What Happened To Mr Kennedy?

Explaining Why WWE Fired Mr Kennedy And Why He Never Returned

Mr Kennedy was the man most touted as being a …

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WWE’s Worst Matches Ever, Ranked Best To Worst

It’s finally here. Feast your eyes upon the worst WWE …

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Bray Wyatt Last Match

Bray Wyatt’s Last WWE Match Could Have Already Happened

With reports of him no longer being listed on the …

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Ryback Last Match

Was Ryback’s Last WWE Match His End In WWE Forever?

Ryback went from the most popular man on the roster …

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Kurt Angle Tried To Get Bret Hart To Wrestle Him At Wrestlemania

Kurt Angle has revealed he tried to get Bret Hart …

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ricky steamboat last match

Ricky Steamboat’s last match showed the world “The Dragon” still had it

With Ricky Steamboat turning down the chance to face Ric …

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