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Cesaro’s Last Match was an embarrassing end to a 10 year run in WWE

Baron Corbin, Cesaro, Sheamus

After Cesaro was released by WWE on February 24 2022, fans were left lamenting what could have been for the Swiss Cyborg in WWE. Cesaro let his WWE contract expire and left the company earlier this year, disappointed by what turned out to be a ten-year run in WWE that left a lot to be desired.

On the run up to Wrestlemania 30, Cesaro was one of the hottest wrestlers in WWE, and fans were begging WWE to let them get behind him. He was cheered by fans as part of the heel tag team The Real Americans, with Jack Swgger, and had a star making performance on the run up to, and in, Elimination Chamber 2014.

However, WWE paired him with Paul Heyman after he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which was the end of his push. He was used to just keep Heyman on TV, to remind fans that Brock Lesnar ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania (yes he said that every time).

After that, WWE refused to push Cesaro as a singles star. Vince McMahon even admitted that the reason was because he didn’t connect with fans because “He’s Swiss” He was even voted Most Underrated Wrestler in the world, for a record four years in a row (2013–2016), by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter based on how he was treat by the WWE, despite being one of the most popular stars on the roster.

He was stuck in multiple tag teams after that, including with Tyson Kidd and Sheamus, but never found singles gold aside from a solitary United States Championship run in 2012. Cesaro’s last match in WWE just exemplified how little WWE saw faith in him as a star.

Cesaro’s Last Match

Cesaro’s last match in WWE was against Happy Corbin on the February 11 2022 episode of Friday Night Smackdown. In an unremarkable match with very few spots of note, Corbin defeated Cesaro with an End of Days and pinned him for the victory.

Cesaro had been teaming with Ricochet for the weeks prior, seemingly engaged in a feud with Sheamus and Ridge Holland. However, his last match was a singles match against Baron Corbin, 13 days before his contract expired and he was released from the WWE

Where Cesaro will wrestle next is unknown, with many speculating where he will turn out next. A return to Ring of Honor is a possibility, especially after it’s acquisition by Tony Khan. He could also end up in AEW, although the main event scene is currently too crowded for Cesaro to make his way into.

NJPW could be a destination for Cesaro. He is one of the best wrestlers in the world and could have some incredible bouts against the likes of Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Will Ospreay.

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