Vince McMahon: Cesaro wasn’t a main eventer “Because he’s Swiss”

Vince McMahon says Cesaro was not good enough to be WWE Champion, and one of the reasons was “because he’s Swiss!”

Vince McMahon’s opinions on Cesaro were no secret. It was clear that he never saw the Swiss Superman as a main event talent and that his ceiling was being stuck in the tag team division.

Cesaro excelled with every tag team partner he was placed with, with fantastic runs teaming with Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd and Sheamus. He is one of the most decorated tag team WWE wrestlers of all time, although many fans had aspirations for him to become a world champion in WWE.

Sadly Vince McMahon disagreed that Cesaro had any right to be a singles star in WWE. The Chairman of WWE refused to push him any high than a solitary United States Championship reign in 2012 and never had him win the WWE Championship during his time in WWE.

After his incredible Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory at Wrestlemania 30, fans were clamouring for a face turn and a title run. However, he was paired with Paul Heyman, who revealed that he was only put with Cesaro to remind people that Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

Fans began bringing their own “Cesaro Section” signs to live events, but WWE refused their pleas and never pushed him beyond his current level. Cesaro left WWE in February 2022 never achieving the potential he could have, due to Vince McMahon’s opinions on Cesaro.

Vince McMahon on Cesaro

On the Stone Cold podcast in December 2014, Vince McMahon appeared as the special guest on the WWE network.

He spoke about many things, including the recent CM Punk Colt Cabana podcast in which he called out WWE and the reasons that he left the company. However, one of the most interesting was his opinion on Cesaro, when asked why he did not connect with the WWE Universe.

He’s not connecting yet and we hope he will. He doesn’t quite have the charisma. He doesn’t quite have the verbal skills as well, and maybe because he’s Swiss, I don’t know, in terms of the European style. But those are the big things that he’s lacking. The audience needs to care about you. They need to be able to feel your presence. You need to be able to project that. He’s an extraordinary physical talent, extraordinary. But at the moment, and hopefully he’ll get it, he lacks ‘it.’”

Vince McMahon on Cesaro

With Vince McMahon not backing you due to things outside your control, even one of the best wrestlers in the world cannot overcome that. It’s a shame that Cesaro wasted his prime years in a company that did not appreciate the phenomenal athlete that he is.

Hopefully a move to AEW or NJPW could be in his future and he can showcase just how good he really is.

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