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The Best there is, the Best there was, but the Worst Matches you'll ever see!

Ranking Bret Hart’s worst matches in his legendary career

Hamish Woodward

Bret Hart is one of the best wrestlers of all time, although even he had some stinkers in his career. ...

why did chris jericho leave wwe

Chris Jericho left WWE because Vince McMahon lost faith in Y2J

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho left WWE in 2018 after a near-20 year run with the promotion, shocking the world when he signed ...

vince mcmahon last match

Vince McMahon’s last match made him the oldest male wrestler in WWE history

Hamish Woodward

Wrestling would not be what it is without the genius of Vince McMahon. The chairman of WWE pioneered the modern ...

Steve Austin First Match

Vince McMahon’s First Match Made Him The Oldest WWE Debutant Ever

Hamish Woodward

Vince McMahon stepping into the ring for the first time a sight to behold and was the culmination of a ...

Vince McMahon Appeared Outside WWE For Inoki Genome Federation In Long Lost Clip

Hamish Woodward

In 2008, Vince McMahon made an appearance outside the WWE for one of the few times in his professional career, ...

Vince McMahon Almost Fired Tommy Dreamer & ECW Stars In 2006, Paul Heyman Reveals

Hamish Woodward

Paul Heyman revealed that Vince McMahon nearly fired all the ECW wrestlers in 2006, which showed just how little he ...

Vince McMahon Made Cody Rhodes Mustache His Gimmick Just Minutes After Seeing It For The First Time

Hamish Woodward

Vince McMahon forced Cody Rhodes to have a gimmick based on his mustache, just minutes after seeing him return to ...

vince mcmahon hall of fame

Predicting WWE’s Hall of Fame Class Of 2024

Hamish Woodward

One of the most thrilling highlights during WrestleMania weekend is the WWE’s annual Hall of Fame ceremony, a night dedicated ...

will bret hart wrestle again

Will Bret Hart Wrestle Again? Only If Donald Trump Faces Him!

Hamish Woodward

Bret Hart will step into the ring again, but only if he can face off against one of the most ...

vince mcmahon

How Do WWE Decide Who Wins The Matches?

Hamish Woodward

It has been an open secret for years that wrestling is a fixed sport. While WWE admitted so in 1989, ...

That Time Donald Trump Bought WWE and Investors Freaked Out

Hamish Woodward

At this point, everybody knows that wrestling isn’t real, and things that happen on the TV shows shouldn’t be taken ...

Every Title Mr McMahon Won In The WWE, Ranked

Hamish Woodward

Despite not making his debut in the ring until he was 52 years old, Vince McMahon will go down as ...

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