Triple H’s Daughter Reveals Wrestling Training Amid WWE Ambitions

Multiple members of the same family wrestling for the WWE is not an uncommon site. Dozens of former WWE Superstars have proudly watched their offspring compete inside the ring, with some even wrestling with – or against- their own progeny in some of the most emotional bouts in wrestling history.

Most recently, Rey Mysterio teamed with his son Dominic Mysterio to become the first ever father-son duo to hold tag team championship gold together. Dusty Rhodes, the late WWE Hall of Famer, teamed with his son’s Cody and Dustin Rhodes in a one-off match right at the end of his career, and who could forget Vince McMahon himself battling both his son and daughter (Shane and Stephanie McMahon) in a variety of brutal and bloody match types.

It seems like Stephanie McMahon’s children could follow in his footsteps by stepping into the ring with the WWE. The former WWE Women’s Champion is married to current head of creative and 14 time WWE Champion Triple H (Paul Levesque) and the pair have four daughters together.

While very little is known about the children, as they are kept out of the public eye like Stephanie’s brother Shane’s children, the Million Dollar Princess did reveal one shocking thing about her and Triple H’s daughter – she is training to become a WWE Superstar!

Speaking to talkSPORT, Stephanie McMahon revealed that her and Triple H’s daughter is training to become a wrestler and could one day step into a WWE ring.

“We have three daughters, Triple H and I do, they are 15, 13 and 11. Our oldest said when she was eight years old ‘Momma, I don’t want your job. Daddy, I don’t want your job. I want Pop’s (Vince McMahon) job. So, just like her grandfather, she wants to be the boss so we’ll see what happens with my oldest daughter who has already started training in the ring. My youngest daughter is also very interested but she is all about the personality (laughs). Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what she is going to do.”

Stephanie McMahon on her and Triple H’s child training to be a wrestler.

Their eldest daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque, is currently 16 years old but that has not hampered her training to become a wrestler like her parents. With her father the head of creative in WWE and one of the best wrestlers of all time, she will certainly be given all the opportunities possible for her to succeed.

If she manages to become a pro-wrestler and win the WWE Women’s Championship, she will have made a brand-new record in the WWE. If she were to win title gold, her and Stephanie McMahon would be the first ever mother-daughter duo in WWE history to hold the WWE Women’s Championship. While the lineage for the title is iffy at best, and an abolsute mess at worst, it would still be an incredible achievement everyone in the McMahon-Helmsley (Kayfabe, Brother) would be proud off.

Coupled with the fact that Stephanie’s father, the legendary Vince McMahon, is a former WWE Champion himself, it would surely make the McMahon clan the most successful wrestling family of all time.

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