Nikki Bella WWE return plans revealed in shocking interview

Former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella has teased a WWE return alongside her sister Brie Bella. The WWE Hall of Famer retired from wrestling in 2019 due to neck injuries, only returning to the ring for a select few matches, including this years Royal Rumble match.

However, a Nikki Bella WWE return could be around the corner, as the reality TV star teased in a recent interview. In a Q&A for America’s Got Talent: Extreme, the former WWE Diva revealed that she will return to WWE to wrestler – if doctors medically clear her to compete.

Nikki also claimed that she wants to return to the ring alongside her sister Brie (as The Bella Twins), to win the WWE Women’s tag team titles, which were brought in after the duo retired from WWE. A WWE return for Nikki and Brie to win those championships would be a huge moment for both them and the WWE Universe.

Nikki Bella WWE return

nikki bella return

In her Q&A for America’s Got Talent: Extreme, Nikki Bella talked about a potential WWE return. In the interview, the longest-reigning WWE Divas Champion said:

“So I get this question quite a bit – if I will go and wrestle in the near future. As long as the doctors say yes. Especially with my sister. When we left is when they brought in the tag titles. I kinda would like it more when my son is like three or four.”

“A dream of mine, especially as a woman, is to have one of the best matches of my career with my son sitting ringside and being like, ‘that’s my mom.’ I really would love to go back one day with my sister, fight for the tag titles, win them in front of our kids. That would be amazing.” – Source

Nikki Bella would add some star power to an already great Women’s division in WWE, should she return, and her and her sister Brie could help shine a much-needed spotlight onto the WWE women’s tag team division.

With the state of her neck, however, it is unknown whether or not Nikki Bella would ever be able to return to the ring in a full-time capacity.

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