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Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – The Ultimate War Between Brothers

To see my other Classic Matches, click here Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma vs The Broken One Two brothers, who’s careers are indefinitely linked no matter how far the either flies away from the nest. Jeff and Matt Hardy are two of the most successful brothers in the history of professional wrestling. … Read more
cesaro last match

Cesaro’s last match was an embarrassing end to a 10 year run in WWE

After Cesaro was released by WWE on February 24 2022, fans were left lamenting what could have been for the Swiss Cyborg in WWE. Cesaro let his WWE contract expire and left the company earlier this year, disappointed by what turned out to be a ten-year run in WWE that left a lot to be … Read more
Randy Orton Legend Killer

Explaining Why Randy Orton Is Called The Legend Killer

Randy Orton is currently near the end of his career and could be set to retire in the near future. His injuries have worsened and his career could be close to hanging up his boots for the final time. This has given us time to reflect on the legendary career of Randy Orton and look … Read more

What Happened To David Flair?

The curse of the second generation wrestler has never been so apparent than with David Flair. The son of the legendary Ric Flair was thrust into the business with the highest of expectations and very little training and was expected to become the next big star in WCW. However, his career became a sad tale … Read more
vince mcmahon last match

Vince McMahon’s last match made him the oldest male wrestler in WWE history

Wrestling would not be what it is without the genius of Vince McMahon. The chairman of WWE pioneered the modern wrestling business when he killed the territories in the 1980s and made Hulk Hogan the biggest star in wrestling history (he even wrestled Hulk Hogan in one of his last matches in 2003). Then, when … Read more
Steve Austin First Match

Vince McMahon’s First Match Made Him The Oldest WWE Debutant Ever

Vince McMahon stepping into the ring for the first time a sight to behold and was the culmination of a journey that began in childhood. While he grew up in a trailer park with an abusive mother and stepfather, McMahon soon followed his dream and joined his father in the professional wrestling business. Ever since … Read more
League of Nations WWE

The League Of Nations Were WWE’s Biggest Failure In Years

The League of Nations in WWE were a short-lived yet fondly remembered team in WWE that could have helped launch all four of it’s members into the main event. However, their purpose was simply to lose to Roman Reigns, and they soon became one of the biggest failures in the WWE. The League of Nations … Read more

11 Worst WWE Matches Of All Time, Ranked Best To Worst

It’s finally here. Feast your eyes upon the worst WWE matches you will ever see in your lifetime. WWE has been the biggest wrestling company in America for near 20 years since the death of WCW. They have been at the forefront of Sports Entertainment since Hulk Hogan took over the world in the 1980s. … Read more

The Batista vs John Cena Rivalry That Defined Wrestling In The 2000s

Batista and John Cena came along to the WWE at the perfect time to stamp their mark on the history of wrestling, and become two of the top stars in wrestling. As The Rock and Steve Austin hung up their boots as the famed Attitude Era came to a close, Vince McMahon’s WWE were at … Read more

Bret Hart and Andre The Giant Almost Died In Car Crash With Brother

Andre the Giant is known across the world as one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. He travelled the world as the menacing giant, as people looked in shock and awe and the terrifying size of the Frenchman. His legacy is one that cannot be beaten, and he has been honored by every … Read more

Analysing Why Fans Hated Roman Reigns Before He Was The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns is now head of the table in the Bloodline Faction, and is the leader of one of the greatest teams of all time. He is a double world champion, has held the Universal title for two years and is putting on fantastic matches whenever he is booked to wrestle. Every appearance is a … Read more

Rey Mysterio Unmasked In WCW For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Rey Mysterio‘s mask is one of the most iconic images in professional wrestling. Just by catching a glimpse of his colourful mask and his eyes underneath, you know exactly who you’re watching and what he is about to do. It’s iconic, colorful for the kids and fully customizable, leading to some special costumes he has … Read more

Brock Lesnar Broke Hardcore Holly’s Neck During Their 2002 Match

During a match in 2002, Brock Lesnar broke Hardcore Holly’s next and kept him out of the ring for nearly a year In the wrestling world you have to be on the top of your game at all times, and the duo proved that even a single lapse of concentration can spell disaster for your … Read more

Big Show Rejected A Wrestlemania Match Against Hulk Hogan

The Big Show was offered the chance to wrestle Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania – citing not wanting to lose to the Hulkster as the reason. At WrestleMania 23, WWE pondered the idea of recreating the titanic battle from 20 years ago, rolling back the years to see Hulk Hogan slay another giant in front of … Read more

How William Regal’s King of the Ring victory ruined his career

2008 was supposed to be William Regal’s year. His King of the Ring victory led him to a reign over Raw like no other, taking Raw off-air in a whim, forcing wrestlers into matches of his own design, and even putting him on the path to winning the WWE Championship. From becoming the Raw General … Read more

Revealing Why WWE Fired Samoa Joe In 2022, And His Last Match In WWE

When WWE released Samoa Joe, fans were heartbroken. The ROH and TNA legend had just begun to make his mark on the WWE main roster. While he never won the coveted WWE Champion, Samoa Joe was a multi-time NXT Champion as well as a former United States Champion. Samoa Joe even won the NXT Championship … Read more
Tatanka WWE Hall Of Fame

Tatanka Shouldn’t Be In The WWE Hall of Fame, But Likely Will Be Inducted Eventually

The name Tatanka in WWE is remembered with such joy to so many wrestling fans. To his early undefeated streak in the 1990s to his odd Wrestlemania appearance in the mid 2010s he has been in the minds of wrestling fans for a very long time. However, simply being around a long time doesn’t make … Read more

Remembering Tatanka’s Bizarre Return At Wrestlemania 32

Tatanka was one of the most popular WWE stars for a time in the 1990s. The Native American wrestler wowed fans with his native culture, including headdress, face paint and mannerisms that many had not seen before in a wrestling ring. He also had moves based off the native American culture, including the deadly Tomahawk … Read more

WWE Cancelled a Beth Phoenix vs Awesome Kong Match At WrestleMania

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix has faced – and beaten – just about every woman she has come up against. She had a legendary run in WWE, winning multiple championships, but one dream match always eluded her. Beth Phoenix vs Awesome Kong. The match would have pitted two of the all-time great female wrestlers … Read more
Cody Rhodes as Stardust lying on the top ring rope in the corner

Cody Rhodes Time As Stardust Was The Worst Years Of His Career

Cody Rhodes became Stardust in 2014 during a difficult time in his WWE career. Nowadays, the former AEW wrestler is considered one of the top wrestlers in the WWE but back in 2014 his career was not going well. He became Stardust when his WWE career was not going well and it handed Cody Rhodes … Read more
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