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Kurt Angle Tried To Get Bret Hart To Wrestle Him At Wrestlemania

Kurt Angle has revealed he tried to get Bret Hart …

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ricky steamboat last match

Ricky Steamboat’s last match showed the world “The Dragon” still had it

With Ricky Steamboat turning down the chance to face Ric …

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The Top 10 WORST Royal Rumble Matches in WWE history

Every January, WWE holds its most beloved event of the …

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The Bizarre Moment John Cena Announced Osama Bin Laden Was Dead

There have been some controversial and strange moments in WWE …

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Brodie Lee Best Matches From His Legendary Career

As we look back at his heartbreaking passing, we pay …

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Bret Hart vs British Bulldog

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog was “Greatest Match In The History Of Wrestling”

Summerslam 1992 saw Bret Hart vs British Bulldog wrestle in …

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Cody Hall and Scott Hall

Cody Hall Left Wresting Due To Broken Neck (Scott Hall’s Son)

Cody Hall has been absent from the wrestling business for …

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Sting’s WWE Legacy: A Review of His Memorable Matches

Despite being one of the most legendary wrestlers of all …

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Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

Why Hulk Hogan Never Lost To Randy Savage

Despite having faced each other one-on-one around a hundred times, …

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WWE Releases 2023

The WWE Releases Of 2023 (Every WWE Firing This Year)

The WWE releases in 2023 could be set to follow …

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League of Nations WWE

The League Of Nations Were WWE’s Biggest Failure In Years

The League of Nations in WWE were a short-lived yet …

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The Best Retirement Matches in WWE history

In wrestling, nobody ever retires. No-one who has ever had …

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The Undertaker Best Matches

The Undertaker’s Best Matches In WWE History

Want to find out the top 10 Undertaker best matches? …

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The WWE Wrestlers Who Appeared On World of Sport?

Wrestling in Great Britain was at it’s peak from the …

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Eric Bischoff Reveals Goldberg Was The Hardest Wrestler To Work With

WCW was known as a place where the men on …

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The Top 10 Greatest Surprise Returns In WWE History

Few things in wrestling can be as thrilling and exciting …

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WWE Matches that were meant to happen but never did

WWE has produced a myriad of dream matches over the …

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Fact Check: Did WWE lose fans because they bought WCW?

WWE, in it’s many productions including their “Monday Night Wars” …

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The Worst Rated WrestleMania Matches Of All Time

What do you think is the worst WrestleMania match of …

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Refused To Wrestle These WWE Superstars

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest wrestlers …

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