10 Best technical wrestlers in the world today (2024)

Hamish Woodward

There has been a renaissance of technical wrestling in recent years, with the classic style of wrestling becoming popular among the top companies.

Technical wrestling went out of favour with the shift towards a more gimmicky, showman-based style of wrestling that the likes of Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes employed in their day.

Ranking the best technical wrestlers today is an almost impossible task, but we’ve done our best to provide the most comprehensive list we can.

If you have any other suggestions for wrestlers who should have made this list, let us know in the comments section down below!

10. Daniel Garcia

One of the youngest wrestlers on this list has come out of nowhere in recent years to become a regular feature on TV every week.

Daniel Garcia has cemented himself as a fantastic technical wrestler, taking inspiration for the likes of Bryan Danielson and Bret Hart during his run in All Elite Wrestling.

Garcia has wrestled against Danielson (even beating him) numerous times in AEW, and for one reason only – he is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world.

9. Hideki Suzuki

Being trained by the legendary Billy Robinson, there is no surprise why Hideki Suzuki is one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world today.

He spent time in a number of companies, including the Inoki Genome Federation, Pro Wrestling NOAH and WWE, as part of the NXT promotion.

His style of wrestling includes more hard-hitting attacks than other technical wrestlers, but he is still among the best in the world today.

8. Chad Gable

Chad Gable WWE

Despite focusing more on his character work in recent times, there is no doubt that when he wants to be, Chad Gable can excel in a technical wrestling environment.

The former tag team champion is one of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE, and looks likely to be the man to end Gunther’s legendary Intercontinental title reign.

7. Timothy Thatcher

Despite going off the radar a bit since his release from NXT, Timothy Thatcher has quietly been continuing his work as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

He recently cropped up in AEW for a match against Bryan Danielson which helped bring the art of technical wrestling back to the mainstream.

6. Hechicero

While he is a new face for fans of AEW, Hechicero has been the premier technical wizard in Mexico for some time.

The CMLL star recently showcased his talents against Bryan Danielson on Collision, showing the world what Mexican fans have been appreciating for years.

He made his debut in 2001, and Hechicero is still one of the finest technical wrestlers in the world (although nobody actually knows his true age.)

5. Jonathan Gresham

Despite the unceremonious ending to his run in Ring of Honor, Jonathan Gresham is still regarded as one of the finest technical wrestlers around today.

The former ROH Champion helped bridge the gap between the independent ROH and the Tony Khan-owned operation, holding the title until he dropped it to Claudio Castagnoli months later.

While his attitude has rubbed people the wrong way at times, his matches against the likes of Alex Shelley, Zack Sabre Jr. and David Starr showed just how good Gresham is in the ring.

4. AZM

Despite being just 21-years-old, AZM is quickly establishing herself as one of the premier technical wrestlers in Japan, and maybe the world.

With the addition of charisma and her fast, technical and agile skill in the ring, she has become one of the top wrestlers in Stardom.

Her matches with Starlight Kid in particular have proved why AZM is one of the best in the world, and one to watch in the years ahead.

3. Josh Alexander

The former Impact Heavyweight Champion has had some controversial negotiations with TNA in recent months, but that has not affected his incredible in-ring work for the promotion.

Alexander has drawn comparisons to TNA legend Kurt Angle with his in-ring work, and could be the next big name to leave the promotion for the WWE.

2. Zack Sabre Jr.

best technical wrestlers of all time

Now one of the top wrestlers in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Zack Sabre Jr has revived the long-lost style of British wrestling.

The Isle of Sheppey born superstar has become a huge star in Japan and the UK, with his mind-bending technical style twisting his opponents in knots, much to the satisfaction of the crowd.

Sabre Jr. also had a short spell in the WWE, as part of the Cruiserweight Classic. He was one of the favourites to win the competition, but was eliminated after turning down the chance to sign for the WWE full-time.

He evan had Kurt Angle singing his praises during their sole match together, with the WWE Hall of Famer claiming Sabre Jr blew his mind during their encounter.

1. Bryan Danielson

Not only is Bryan Danielson the best technical wrestler in the world, but he is one of the best technical wrestlers in the history of wrestling.

Danielson has continued to prove that technical wrestling is an art to be admired, finding success in companies including AEW, WWE and Ring of Honor, among many others.

He managed to overcome the stigma of being a shorter worker in an era of giants under Vince McMahon, overcoming the odds to become a multi-time world champion, and main eventing WrestleMania on two occasions.

Danielson has inspired a number of wrestlers over the years, including Zack Sabre Jr and other wrestlers on this list.

Now at the end of his career and looking at retirement, Danielson will be looked back as one of the all-time greats in wrestling.

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