How Do WWE Wrestlers Not Get Hurt?

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Professional wrestling can be a dangerous business, with wrestlers being injures and even dying inside the ring.

However, the vast majority of matches end without the WWE wrestlers being hurt and both stars walk out unscathed.

But how do WWE wrestlers not get hurt in the ring?

In this article, we’ll answer that question as well as explore if wrestlers really do punch each other and how they know who is going to win the matches.

How Do WWE Wrestlers Not Get Hurt?

They do. Wrestlers get injured all the time both inside and outside the ring, and for a variety of reason. Sometimes, these reasons make no sense whatsover.

Jeff Hardy is known for jumping off very high things, like ladders and scaffolding, and throwing his body at his opponent, usually through a table.

Yet he remained injury free for years, with his first every injury being a broken leg from a dirt bike accident.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins suffered a knee injury that kept him out for 6 months trying to execute a standard powerbomb.

Sting broke his neck by being thrown into the corner of his ring. Vince McMahon once tore both his quads just getting into the ring!

WWE wrestlers get injured all time, but they do what they can to reduce the risk of injury significantly.

The back bump is the most important bump a wrestler can take and the first one they learn in the ring.

The wrestler falls flat on his back. They tuck their chin into their chest to avoid banging their head on the mat and slap the mat with their hands and feet. This shares the impact to the whole body., causing less force on the back of the wrestlers.

Do Wrestlers Really Punch Each Other?

Do wrestlers punch each other for real? Well, the answer is yes AND no. Some wrestlers pull their punches so they dont go anywhere near the face of their opponent.

John Cena is one famous for pulling his punches and being very safe to work with.

Others will punch each other in the face, but incredibly lightly. This is a skill that takes years to learn and is a mark of somebody with an incredibly control over their body.

Jeff Jarrett probably has the best looking punches in wrestling yet never injures his opponents.

Meanwhile, some of the more clumsy wrestlers just straight up punch each other in the face. These can be referred to as “snug”, meaning that they get a little bit too close for comfort with their attacks.

It can also be called “stiff”. Some stiff wrestlers who struggle to pull their punches are Steve Austin, Vader and Shane McMahon.

Do Wrestlers Know Who Is Going To Win?

Yes, wrestlers know who is going to win the match before they get into the ring. Wrestling is a scripted sport, meaning that the match is planned out before the show begins.

The person who decides who is going to win the matches if often called the “Booker”. This is the person who is also in charge of running the show, deciding which matches will take place and on which part of the show.

In the WWE, Triple H decides who is going to win the matches.

He will tell the wrestlers taking part who will win that fight and the two men or women will go off an plan the match together.

Triple H may also give them specific instructions, for example if he wants one wrestler to win by submission or use a steel chair to cheat his way to victory.

The man who decides who wins the matches is called “The Booker”. This is also called “having the book” or “having the pen”, as they are the ones who book the wrestlers to perform in the shows and ultimately who would win.

Once the booker has decided who wins, it is up to the writers, agents and wrestlers themselves as to who will be the winners and the consequences of that victory.

The reason for a wrestler winning a wrestling match may vary. Usually they will be declared the winner so they can go on to fight for a championship match, attempting to mimic real sports.

Other times, it will be to further a storyline. Winning matches consistently is called a push, and wrestlers can be pushed for a variety of reasons.

Selling lots of t-shirts, being popular online or having the office see something big in their future are all things the likes of Vince McMahon and Triple H may push somebody for.

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