Jim Cornette Threatened To Shoot Brock Lesnar During Fight In OVW

Jim Cornette has had some controversies in his life, from wrestling Ninja turtles, being fired for racism and his general hatred of anything remotely related to Vince Russo. However, he almost committed murder when he came face-to-face with Brock Lesnar during their time in WWE developmental together.

After Lesnar hurt Cornette’s wife Stacey in the ring, despite being specifically warned not to target a particular part of her body that recently had a procedure. Lesnar ignored warnings and picked Stacey up by her genitals, which drew the fury of Cornette.

After Brock Lesnar challenged Jim Cornette to a fight, Cornette proved he is not stupid. He noted that he would never beat Lesnar in a one-on-one fight, so instead said he would grab his gun and shoot Lesnar. The pair were broken up soon after and never came to blows over the issue.

Jim Cornette On Brock Lesnar

On an episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, former WWE superstar Jim Cornette chronicles his run in with Brock Lesnar, including when he threatened to kill Lesnar with a gun, instead of fighting him.

“They [Brock and Shelton] were working with the Disciples of Synn, and my lovely wife, who was Synn, managed a stable consisting of Damien, Slash, and Payne. They were veterans who could work with these young greenhorns and hopefully teach them timing and something in the ring.

“Well, anyway, one of the big highlights of their matches was that Brock would give Synn a press slam. She loved to take bumps and took them great, and she got so much heat that even though it was a man, a 280-pound man taking this 5’4” diminutive woman and press slamming her, the people threw babies in the air because she was just that good at getting heat with people, especially live.

“She gets heat with me at my house. And it brought the house down at Freedom Hall when they had their dark match at a WWE taping. It was sold out, 18,000 people, and one of the big reactions of the night for the entire show was in the dark where Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin defeated the Disciples of Synn after Brock gave her this giant press slam.

“So having said that, I called it on an OVW TV one night, I said [to Brock], ‘You press slam her and blah blah blah.’

“Stacy (Synn), and she wouldn’t mind me saying this because she’s open with everybody, had just had certain parts of her anatomy pierced… and these certain parts would be where Brock’s right hand went when he picked her up for the press slam, so you can do your own math on that.

“So she told Brock earlier in the day, ‘Hey, when you give me the press slam, watch out, take care of the nether regions down there cause I just had these piercings done.’

“Now, before this, we used to have problems with Brock. While he was always very respectful to me and Danny Davis because we were his coaches, he was one of these college jocks pushed through college because he was a major athlete and had always been catered to.”

“He would bully the referees, and he’d bully the ring crew. He even made one of our referees cry one time.”

“He also went at my best friend Kenny Bolin one time because he was flirting in an innocent way with Brock’s girlfriend at the time, not Sable, but you know, Brock comes out and cuts a promo on him and cusses him and shoves him and just makes an a** out of himself because anyone that was a coach or had some standing, Brock would respect.

“Still, anybody that he felt was below him, the water boy on the team, you get the idea, a college jock, he would f***ing belittle and berate.”

“He’s telling Stacy all day, ‘I’m gonna, when I getcha, I’m gonna squeeze it.’ And she’s like, ‘Brother, don’t do that!’

“So what happens when you know who won the pony, he goes and gives her the press slam, and he f***ing clamps down and squeezes with his right hand! Now she’s got an incredible tolerance for pain.

“In California, she actually broke her ankle in both bones to the point that it turned sideways but still finished the f***ing match. But she came in f***ing crying and squealing, and when he got back, there was more crying and squealing and yelling, and they were cutting a promo on each other.

“She doesn’t mind telling someone what she thinks of em’; that’s why we’re married. So she’s cussing him, and he’s cussing her, and I hear all this hoopla, so I go back there, and I’m like, ‘What the f***?’

“And she tells me, ‘He’s been saying he’s gonna do it all day, and he f***ing did it. I asked him not to and to take care of it, and he f***ing did it anyway. F*** this f***ing guy.’

“And he’s saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t do it, I didn’t mean to do it, I was just kidding, blah blah blah.’ And in the process, he says ‘F*** you’ to her in front of me.

“That’s where I had to say, ‘Look, motherf***er, you need to know this now. Don’t say f*** you to her in front of me cause I won’t fight you; I will shoot you!’

“Here’s what he didn’t realize. Because he had been protected and pampered and made over for so long, nobody is gonna fight Brock Lesnar if he mouths off and runs his dick licker about people or two people or whatever the f*** – nobody is gonna fight him. They’re just gonna pull out a [firearm] and f***ing shoot him.

“Would you fight Brock Lesnar? No! He’s a f***ing beast, he’s a god damn genetic f***ing freak, and nobody’s gonna fight him.

“But, if he said the wrong thing to the wrong person, they’re gonna f***ing shoot him. I don’t care how tough he is; he ain’t gonna nip up after a f***ing gunshot to the f***ing head.

“So I said, ‘Don’t f***ing say fu*** you to her in front of me, or I will shoot you.’ He was disrespecting somebody in the wrestling business that he was supposed to take care of.

“I also said, ‘If you’re gonna f***ing rib somebody and tell em’ all day you’re gonna do something, you better make god damn sure you don’t f***ing do it because why would they believe that you didn’t mean to do it when you’ve been telling em’ all day that you’re gonna f***ing do it?’

“I then said, ‘And thirdly, don’t disrespect me by telling my girlfriend,’ at the time, now my wife, ‘in front of me f*** you because then you’ve brought me into it and this is not business, this is personal. I will not fight you, I will shoot you.

“The sooner you learn these things, the better off you’re gonna be in the wrestling business because nobody’s gonna fight you. But if you piss somebody off bad enough and you’re in an outlaw locker room or a f***ing independent show or wherever the f*** you may end up, you’re very liable to get f***ing shot.’

“So then he goes to f***ing Danny Davis, he said [whiny upset voice], ‘Jim said he was gonna shoot me blah blah blah,’ and Danny said, ‘Well what the f*** did you think was gonna f***ing happen?’

“So anyway, I called them together at Six Flags the next f***ing week and called em’ over in the f***ing locker room in the corner, and they apologized to each other and shook hands for the good of the f***ing locker room.

“There couldn’t be any two people any more different than me and Brock Lesnar. I recognize his talent, and I recognize his athletic ability, but we used to call him ‘Block Lesnar’ down here in OVW for a reason cause he’s a meathead, and I don’t like him as a person.”

This is not the only time a gun has nearly been pulled in wrestling. Click the link to learn about how Tommy Dreamer nearly shot Paul Heyman at WrestleMania 17.

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