Muhammad Hassan’s Last Match After Terrorism Controversy Ended His Career

Muhammad Hassan is one of the most controversial wrestlers of all time, though through no fault of his own.

He performed his character perfectly, but terrorism accusations cut his career shot and caused him to get blackballed in the industry.

He wrestled most recently in 2018 on the indie circuit, but it has been nearly 20 years since Muhammad Hassan wrestled in the WWE, during his infamous feud against The Undertaker.

Muhammad Hassan’s Last Match

Former WWE Superstar Muhammad Hassan wrestled his last match for the company in a huge pay per view match against a WWE legend.

Hassan took on The Undertaker in a number one contender’s match against The Undertaker, at The Great American Bash 2005.

The young star was supposed to win the match, and go on to beat Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, although that did not happen for controversial reasons.

The match came at the end of a much-publicised feud between Muhammad Hassan and The Undertaker. It was meant to help make Muhammad Hassan a star, but actually ended his career for good.

However, a segment between the two caused the network to remove Hassan on TV, making him a pariah in the world of wrestling.

During the July 4th, 2005 taping of Smackdown, Muhammad Hassan had a segment with The Undertaker.

After The Phenom defeated Hassan’s manager Daivari in a match, he attacked Hassan and forced him out of the ring and onto the ramp.

Here’s where the trouble stars.

Muhammad Hassan began to pray on the ramp, which summoned an army of men in black ski masks to rush the ring.

They attacked The Undertaker and strangled him with wire, as Hassan laughed maniacally outside the ring. He ended the attack with his Camel Clutch (which caused controversy with Eddie Guerrero back in the day), causing Undertaker to pass out.

However, the segment aired on the same day of the 7/7/ bombings in London, where four bombs exploded on public transport, killing 52 and injuring over 700 commuters.

The segment aired, to much dismay from the USA Network. A promo by Muhammad Hassan justifying the act was removed from next week’s Smackdown.

After the show was aired on the date of the 7/7 bombings, Muhammad Hassan drew the brunt of the criticism, despite only doing what he was told by creative.

The WWE Superstar was immediately taken off TV, and his character was completely dropped from the programming.

He only appeared once more in the WWE after that day.

Muhammad Hassan’s last match came at The Great American Bash, where he wrestled against The Undertaker, in a match to end their feud.

The Deadman won the match cleanly, sending Hassan packing. He also hit him with the Last Ride off the stage, which caused a real-life back injury to the young star.

Weeks later, Hassan was released from wrestling and quickly retired from the business.

Muhammad Hassan went back to college, using the money earned from his stint in the WWE. While he would not be entertaining the kids in the ring anymore, he instead decided to help them by training as a school teacher.

He worked his way up over the years to become the principal of Fulton Junior High School, after training as a world history teacher.

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