Ranking Every PAC vs Orange Cassidy Match In AEW History

Orange Cassidy is a record-setting champion in AEW, having defended his AEW International Championship more than anybody else in history.

He won the belt nearly a year ago, from his biggest rival in AEW – the dastardly Englishman, PAC.

The pair have battled numerous times over the years, and have become somewhat of a rivalry in AEW.

PAC and the Lucha Bros attacking Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite

Every time the pair wrestle, it is the biggest match on the card and you simply could not look away.

PAC vs Orange Cassidy has happened four times in AEW, and we’re going to rank every one of their matches they’ve had together.

PAC vs Orange Cassidy

In this article, we will be ranking every singles match between Orange Cassidy and PAC, that occurred on episodes of AEW Dynamite, Rampage or on pay per view.

We will be ranking it based on our personal ratings, also taking into account the ratings from Cagematch.net and Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer.

As this list is only concerning singles matches between PAC and Orange Cassidy, it will not include the triple threat match (also including AEW Champion Kenny Omega) at Double or Nothing 2021, nor any tag team matches involving each man

AEW Dynamite (May 5th, 2021)

The worst match between PAC and Orange Cassidy was still a very good match, right up until the end of the match.

The pair were battling it out on AEW Dynamite for a chance to face Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship at Double or Nothing 2021.

Sadly, toward the end of the match, a powerbomb by PAC caught Cassidy on the back of the head, momentarily knocking him unconscious and causing him to suffer a concussion.

The match was brought to an abrupt end, and Kenny Omega came out to attack PAC, something that had not been planned previously.

The bout was decided as a draw, with both men going on to face Omega for the title at Double or Nothing 2021, which in my view was a five-star match.

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam (September 12st, 2022) – All-Atlantic Championship Match

The second match on this list saw PAC defending his All-Atlantic Championship against Orange Cassidy, inside the legendary Arthur Ashe Stadium.

PAC had become the inaugural champion at Forbidden Door, and was defending gainst his old enemy in a huge title match in front of 20,000 screaming New Yorkers.

Cassidy had yet to hold any god in AEW, and fans were starting to get wear about his constant title challenges.

This match would not go any different, with PAC picking up the victory. However, they built on all their previously matches, with PAC not falling for OC’s tricks and slowing down the pace of the match, controlling the action.

Luckily for Best Friends Fans, this built to another title match when Orange Cassidy would finally beat PAC, in the biggest match of his career.

AEW Dynamite (October 12th, 2022) – All-Atlantic Championship Match

Orange Cassidy vs PAC ended different, finally, in their rematch for the All-Atlantic Champion.

PAC was firmly a heel, being one of the most despicable wrestlers on the roster. He was also a double champion, holding both the All-Atlantic and AEW Trios Championship, becoming the first man in AEW history to do both.

This match was very different from their others. It focused more in the in-ring action, rather than focusing on the character aspect.

Orange Cassidy hit the Orange Punch at the end of a Dynamite classic, pinning PAC to win the All-Atlantic Championship and picking up his first victory over PAC in singles action.

However great this match was, and ended with such a feel-good moment, it was not quite as good as the first Orange Cassidy vs PAC match in AEW.

AEW Revolution – February 29th, 2020

This match is a personal favourite of mine, and a five star match for me. It is also top of the list of the best Orange Cassidy matches.

Orange Cassidy vs PAC had one week of build, and had very little story going into the match. However, the pair had such great characters that it made the perfect match.

Orange Cassidy, the King of Sloth style, utilised his “not trying” style in the ring, much to the chagrin of PAC.

The Englishman, formerly called Adrian Neville in NXT, tried to beat the shit out of Orange Cassidy, but he didn’t-try so well that he managed to avoid his attacks. PAC was one of the best WWE wrestlers on the roster before he left, and showed himself as top of AEW too with this match.

Many interferences later, PAC pins Cassidy for the win, but it was a star making performance for Orange Cassidy.

Both men remain huge stars in AEW, and this was one of the matches that made me take notice of the pair.

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