Steve Austin Beat His Wife Debra During Dark Time In Wrestling

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but has a dark past that involves him beating his wife, Debra. While this would be a career killer in 2023, his crimes were barely a blip on his run in the WWE, where he was the biggest star in wrestling and the top wrestler in the WWE (then known as the WWF).

Debra Williams married Austin in 2000, and was a part of the wrestling industry herself. While her legacy has been largely forgotten in recent years, she was a key part of the wrestling industry in her time.

She was a manager in both WCW and WWE, and had been in the business for many years. She managed stars like Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, and was a big star in the company at the time.

The pair were married for two years before Austin beat his wife Debra, in their home in Austin, Texas. This was during his time on top of the business and came as a huge shock to everyone.

While it did not affect his push in the WWE, the allegations (which were later found out to be true) shone a new light on the superstar that fans were never expecting from their favorite WWE superstar.

Steve Austin Beat His Wife

In June 2002, Steve Austin was arrested after police were called to his house. His wife, Debra, accused him of “beating her” on the “head, back and legs”.

Austin was charged with domestic abuse, and pleaded no contest on November 25. The former WWE Champion was given a year’s probation, a $1,000 fine, and ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service.

The charges were based upon the June incident that left a ”large, noticeable welt” on Austin’s wife’s face, according to a police report posted on

The WWE did not comment on the issue, but it was alleged that they tried to convince Debra to bury the story.

Austin was the biggest star in wrestling, and a hero to the working class in the United States. Him being revealed as a wife beater would lower his stock, and cost the WWE millions of dollars in potential revenue.

In an exclusive interview with FOX News, she revealed that the attacks came due to Steve Austin’s use of steroids.

When Debra was asked if the attack was down to Austin taking steroids, she said;

I tell you what. I know it was — contributed to the use of steroids, because I have seen the steroid rages. I have seen him being paranoid. I have seen his panic attacks. I mean, for three times, I’d seen him attack me — I mean, and at work people would know it, and they would cover the bruises on my face.

She also revealed that alcohol was involved in the attack, something with Austin later denied was a factor in his beating his wife, Debra.

The last time — and I’ve never talked about this. The last time Steve attacked me, alcohol was involved. He jumped on me. He’s on my back with his knee in my back, pounding me in the back and in my face. I thought I was going to die.

After paying his fine and completing his community service, Stone Cold Steve Austin was welcomed back into the WWE with open arms.

In 2003, he wrestled The Rock in the final match of their WrestleMania trilogy. He retired immediately after, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame five years later.

Austin returned to the ring in 2022, wrestling against Kevin Owens in the main event of WrestleMania 38. He is expected to wrestle again at WrestleMania 40, which will likely be his final match in wrestling.

What Happened To Debra?

Debra left the WWE, following her domestic abuse dispute with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

With Austin being the biggest star in the company, her position as a manager in the company became untenable.

Following the attack from her husband, she began to speak out against the dangers of professional wrestling, and of steroid abuse in particular.

Steve Austin appeared on TV with Debra during the “Invasion” storyline in the WWE.

Debra has also spoken out about the death of Nancy Benoit, claiming she was lucky to escape with her life from Steve Austin, while Nancy was not with Chris Benoit.

And then, I can totally understand what Nancy must have felt in the last few seconds of her life, because I thought I was going to die.

Steve Austin married his new wife, Kristen, in 2009. The pair are still together, and there have been no reports of Austin committing any unlawful acts upon his new wife.

Kristen has appeared numerous times on “The Steve Austin Show” Podcast, which was recently cancelled.

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