Every Time The Undertaker Was Buried Alive In WWE

The Undertaker has the distinction of taking part in every single buried alive match in WWE history.

The match is synonymous with The Deadman, who has used the match type to end feuds, change gimmicks and just generally commit murder.

However, the match usually ended in The Undertaker literally dying. He has been killed more times in the WWE than anybody else, but always comes back stronger and with more magical powers than before.

The Undertaker has wrestled in five buried alive matches, winning once and losing four times.

However, he was only buried alive three times. He won the first buried alive match by encasing Mankind in dirt, while in the only tag team buried alive match, it was his partner, The Big Show, who was buried alive.

Here is ever time The Undertaker was buried alive in the WWE. Let us know which is your favourite, in the comments section down below this article.

vs Steve Austin – WWF In Your House 26: Rock Bottom

The first time The Undertaker was buried alive was during his match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at In Your House: Rock Bottom.

The match was booked by Vince McMahon during his rivalry with Austin. Wanting Stone Cold to miss the Royal Rumble (and miss his shot at the WWE Championship), he booked him in this deadly match up with The Undertaker.

This buried alive match was for a spot in the Royal Rumble, which really added a needless stipulation to one of the most dangerous matches in WWE.

Nevertheless, it made for a fantastic spectacle, and was one of the best buried alive matches of all time.

Steve Austin buried The Undertaker alive in the match, although not to the extent of future matches.

He simply shovelled dirt onto The Deadman, covering him enough to win the match, but not to kill him.

vs Vince McMahon – Survivor Series 2003

The first time The Undertaker was properly murdered in a buried alive match was during his battle with Vince McMahon in 2003.

After costing him the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar, McMahon was forced into a match with The Deadman at Survivor Series, wtih his opponent choosing the stipulation.

Wanting to inflict as much pain as possible on his boss, The Undertaker chose a buried alive match for the stipulation – with his size, strength and experience advantage giving him a huge advantage over the Chairman of WWE.

Despite inflicting immense pain on McMahon, opening up his forehead with a shovel to the skull, an explosive interference from Kane helped McMahon bury The Undertaker alive, dumping a digger full of dirt over him and the grave.

If this didn’t kill The Undertaker, then nothing could (it did, he is an undead zombie now).

After being buried alive by Mr McMahon, The Undertaker dropped his “American Badass” gimmick, transition back to his “Deadman” gimmick, which he kept for the remainder of his WWE run.

vs Kane – Bragging Rights 2010

The last time we saw The Undertaker die (there have been many) was when he was buried alive by his brother Kane in 2010.

In what put an end to a 13-year rivalry in the WWE, The Undertaker battled against his brother Kane, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

The pair had been fighting over the title for a number of months. Kane was revealed to have attacked his brother months prior, leaving him in a “vegetative state”, turning him heel for the first time in years.

During their rivalry, Kane constantly got the upper hand over the Deadman, beating him multiple times over the months.

With (unexplained) help from The Nexus, Kane buried The Undertaker alive to win the Buried Alive match, defending his World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

While it was never explained why The Nexus helped to bury The Undertaker alive, it would later come out that there were tentative plans to have Wade Barrett vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania that year.

Which is your favourite time that The Undertaker was buried alive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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