What happened To Lars Sullivan After Being Fired By WWE?

Hamish Woodward

Lars Sullivan is a forgotten star from recent years.

Coming through the NXT system in the late 2010s, the man known as The Freak was seen as a favourite of Vince McMahon.

He had an incredibly unique look due to a condition he suffered. He had the same issue as Andre the Giant, which gave him a large head and hands. He had the same pituitary issue that Andre The Giant had, but had the issue dealt with before he grew too large.

He’s had some problems with the knee that he had reconstructive surgery on and there are also issues with his pituitary.

He had surgery a few years ago, after coming to WWE when they found out his look and freak size was due to acromegaly, the same thing guys like Andre, Antonio Silva, Giant Silva, Great Khali, The French Angel and Choi Hong-man.

All had which led to their larger than life features like giant hands and giant feet and there were some issues relating to the surgery. He’s expected back training very shortly

The Wrestling Observer on Lars Sullivan’s gigantism issue

Sullivan came through NXT and was brought to the main roster in 2019. He debuted by attacking Kurt Angle and went on to feud with Rey Mysterio soon after.

Lars Sullivan was never the best in the ring. He had a great look but not a lot more to his game. He also never had a sustained push and was very hot-and-cold during his run.

He never won any titles and is a forgotten man in the WWE. But what happened to Lars Sullivan? What happened during his time before and after the WWE may shock you.

What Happened To Lars Sullivan?

Lars Sullivan was released by the WWE in 2021, although his career had basically been ended two years prior.

In 2019, multiple posts of his were discovered on a bodybuilding forum that were absolutely horrific. He posted numerous racist, sexist and homophobic comments that totally alienated himself from the WWE fans.

It was also discovered that some of the posts were about WWE superstars. These were whilst he was signed to the company and were aimed toward his colleagues. Somehow, he was spared his job for this, but there were consequences for his actions.

Lars Sullivan was given a $100,00 fine. This was one of the biggest WWE had given out in years and a suitable punishment. He was also sent to sensitivity training, with the expectation for him to return to the WWE once he was done.

“There is no excuse for the inappropriate remarks that I made years ago. They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor who I am today, and I apologize to anyone I offended.”

Lars Sullivan’s apology after his comments were discovered.

He would last another two years in the company with an on-and-off push. Rumours are he was left off TV due to anxiety issues. However, these have never been proved by the WWE.

He was released in January 2021 quietly, with nobody forgiving him for his former comments. However, they would become incredibly ironic when something else was discovered about Lars Sullivan.

Adult videos of Lars Sullivan were later discovered. Despite his anti-gay comments, he took part in Gay Pornography under the name Mitch Bennett. This was incredibly ironic and made him look even more ridiculous due to his comments.

Lars Sullivan to AEW?

It is very, very unlikely that Lars Sullivan will be signed to AEW.

The locker room in All Elite Wrestling has been famed for it’s diversity and inclusion. They have wrestlers from all over the world, including homosexual, bisexual and transgender wrestlers among their ranks.

These are all things that Las Sullivan insulted in his online comments. His bigoted ways would have no place in AEW, and that isn’t something that Tony Khan would stand for in his company.

He also doesn’t seem to have the ability to be a top-class wrestler. He’s now in his late 30s and hasn’t wrestled in years.

Lars Sullivan left the wrestling business after his release. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, he is looking to move into the world of bare-knuckle boxing.

“Dylan Miley, the former Lars Sullivan, is now doing boxing training with the idea of working for one of the Bare Knuckle promotions. He’s 32, which is old to start boxing training. Also, you don’t see a lot of 330 pound boxers or MMA fighters. The story is that he has no illusions about his age being a factor and just starting out, but is planning on competing in that sport,”

Lars Sullivan has been quiet since his release and a return to WWE or AEW is likely impossible.

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