WWE 2K23: All Retro and Classic Arenas Confirmed

On this page, you can find the full list of WWE 2K23 Classic Arenas included in the game.

In this article we have compiled every classic arena that has currently been confirmed to be a part of WWE 2K23. These arenas are the host of a number of classic matches featured in the John Cena 2K showcase mode. WWE 2K23 has chosen John Cena as the focus of it’s main mode and looks at some of the biggest matches and moments throughout the luchador’s career.

WWE 2K22 Classic Arenas

The following classic arenas have been confirmed as part of WWE 2K23, revealed as part of the John Cena 2k23 Showcase mode

Smackdown 2002 (John Cena vs Kurt Angle)

John Cena’s debut match in the WWE took place on Smackdown in 2002. He interrupted an open challenge by Kurt Angle, proclaiming he had his own brand of “Ruthless Aggression” before slapping the WWE Hall of Famer, starting their match. Cena lost the match but impressed all involved, starting off his WWE career with an impressive performance.

ECW Arena (John Cena vs Rob Van Dam)

The legendary ECW Arena returns to WWE 2K23 with the legendary ECW One Night Stand 2006 event. Rob Van Dam cashed in his money in the bank contract to face Cena on home turf, winning his one and only WWE Championship in front of a rabid crowd on home turf.

Summerslam 2008 (John Cena vs Batista)

Summerslam 2008 is included as a retro arena in WWE 2K23. The home of a number of famous matches, fans will be able to replay the epic encounter between two of WWE biggest stars of all time – John Cena vs Batista.

Wrestlemania 28 (John Cena vs The Rock)

Once in a lifetime may have been a lie but it was still an iconic moment in wrestling history. The inclusion of Wrestlemania 28 as a retro arena will delight fans of Cena and The Rock, and will be excited to replay the clash between the two legends in the biggest Wrestlemania match of all time.

Wrestlemania 34 (John Cena vs The Undertaker)

A short match in real life, it will still be fun to replay the clash between The Champ and The Deadman. The inclusion of an underrated arena in Wrestlemania 34 will delight fans, as it gives players even more options for customisable Wrestlemania events in their Universe modes.

Summerslam 2021 (John Cena vs Roman Reigns)

Halloween Havoc 1997

Raw 2005

Summerslam 1988

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