Darby Allin Confirms He’s Filmed Pilot For New TV Series

Hamish Woodward

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TNT Champion Darby Allin has revealed details of his new TV, revealing that he has finished filming the pilot for the new series.

His new show was announced last year as a replacement to the now cancelled “Rhodes to the Top“, following the move from AEW to WWE by Cody Rhodes. Looking for a replacement show, TNT contacted Darby Allin about his own TV show, with filming seemingly already happening for the TV series.

Darby guest appeared on Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis’ ‘Hawk vs Wolf Podcast’. During the conversation, Allin mentioned that a pilot for his television show has been filmed. He revealed that he wore a dog’s shock collar while trying to skateboard during the filming, giving a flavour of what the show might be. Given the fact he was rumoured to be part of the latest Jackass movie, it may be a Jackass-style show that sees him put his body in the line in various situations.

Speaking to Tony Hawk, Darby Allin said;

I was wearing an electric shock collar when we were filming the pilot for my TV show and we were trying to do some skating with the shock collar and stuff like that and I was like, this is impossible. I couldn’t imagine putting that on a dog. Crazy.

Darby Allin recently appeared in the final match of The Great Muta, teaming with the man himself and Sting in NOAH for the last time the gimmick we’ll be seen in a wrestling ring. He got a great reaction from the Japanese crowd and will hopeful return again in the future, ideally as part of the BOSJ in NJPW.

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