Chris Masters Calls Out Tyrus After NWA Run – “He Can’t Move!”

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters has called out the NWA for their booking of former champion Tyrus, claiming the fans rejected him as champion for his abilities, not his politics.

Tyrus recently dropped the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship to EC3 at the latest NWA event, ending a disastrous near-year long reign as the champion of the National Wrestling Alliance.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Chris Masters (going by the name Chris Adonis) called out Tyrus and Billy Corgan, referencing his extended run as the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.

He Tweeted at the official National Wrestling Alliance account, calling out Tyrus lack of mobility in the ring, sticking up for the fans who rejected him as their champion.

Master’s also noted that the hatred toward Tyrus was due to his lack of ability, and not his politics (he regularly appears on Fox News as an analyst).

In the Tweet, Chris Masters said;

“Hey @nwa Is it ok to say now that our fans didn’t reject Tyrus due to politics or Fox News. IT WAS CAUSE HE CAN’T MOVE”

Chris Masters currently wrestles for the NWA, but has stated that he’d love to return to the WWE and appear in the Royal Rumble.

With these recent comments, it may not be long until he finds his contract with the NWA quietly terminated.

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