CM Punk Says Hardcore Holly Punched Him In The Eye In WWE Match

Hamish Woodward

CM Punk has revealed his experience with Hardcore Holly in the WWE, claiming the former WWE Superstar punched him in the eye during one of their matches.

Punk and Holly both appeared on the WWE roster for a short period of time together, before Hardcore Holly left the company after his last match in 2007.

CM Punk debuted in the company in 2006, wrestling on the ECW brand. Holly was also stationed in ECW, so the pair had the chance of working together.

The pair wrestled five times in singles and tag matches on ECW, as well as both taking part in the disastrous ECW Championship Elimination Chamber match at December To Dismember 2006.

Hardcore Holly also wrestled CM Punk numerous times on house shows, early on in Punk’s run in the WWE.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk revealed how Hardcore Holly punched him in the eye “as hard as you can” during his first Christmas tour after being signed by the WWE.

However, he went on to lament the lack of Bob Holly’s in the modern-day dressing room. Punk revealed how Hardcore Holly would police the dressing room, something CM Punk took upon himself to do when Holly left the WWE.

“Bob Holly punched me in the eye as hard as you can on my first Christmas loop.” CM Punk said,

“I love Bob, though, so, uh, man, that business sees more guys like him right about now. I just mean there’s nobody in the locker room that, you know, like, uh, like to me, there’s nobody in that locker room that’s an enforcer, okay?”

“Nobody’s gonna pick up the locker room. Nobody’s gonna clean up after themselves. They just destroy. It was happening when I was there.”

“I was the guy that was picking stuff up, and that’s because, you know, Eddie Guerrero always told me, ‘Hey, pick up the locker room.’ Yeah, can you pick up the locker before you go? And I’d be like, ‘Yes, sir, you know what I mean.'”

“Some guys take their risk tape off and just throw it on the ground. You know what I mean, right next to a garbage can, stuff like that. So if you had a guy like Bob in the locker room, you know you’re not pulling, you’re not trying to do that.”

Hardcore Holly left WWE months after his last match, which was a bizarre tag team match where Cody Rhodes beat himself to win the tag team titles.

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