CM Punk’s WWE Return “Would Move The Needle” More Than MJF, Young Bucks

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has spoken about rumors of CM Punk‘s WWE return, claiming he would be a bigger coup than the likes of MJF or the Young Bucks.

Punk was seen backstage at WWE earlier this year, prompting rumors to swirl about a potential signing with the company.

This came after he was rumored to be fired by AEW, following the cataclysmic press conference, and the ensuing backstage fight, following All Out 2022.

Road Dogg (Real name Brian James) is WWE’s Senior VP of Live Events, and is one of the most influential producers backstage in the company.

He has history with CM Punk, wrestling him multiple times during their short return to the company in early 2014.

Speaking on his “Oh You Didn’t Know!” podcast, Road Dogg spoke about the potential of CM Punk coming back to WWE.

Road Dogg spoke about CM Punk’s WWE return on his podcast, “Oh You Didn’t Know?”.

He claimed that the former WWE Champion returning to the company would “move the needle in a big way”, indicating that it would help bring the TV ratings and pay per view buys up.

However, he Road Dogg also noted that Punk isa “controversial figure”, so it may affect the relationships between the talent backstage.

“Punk coming back would move the needle in a big way. I don’t know how relationships are with that … but that would move the needle… I would only say him from a controversial standpoint … in my mind anyway, I think he’s a controversial figure at this point — and I think that’s good for business.”

He was also asked about other stars who could sign for the company – notably Young Bucks, MJF, FTR and Matt Cardona – to which Road Dogg claimed would be good signings, but not on the level of CM Punk.

I’m not sure the ratings would move.” he said about WWE signing the various other stars of AEW.

CM Punk is set to face Samoa Joe at AEW All In, in front of a record 80,000 crowd at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Click here to read the full card for All In.

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