David Finlay Reveals Why He Became Bullet Club Leader

Hamish Woodward

Bullet Club leader David Finlay has spoken to NJPW, revealing why he wanted to take over Bullet Club and change the group from the inside.

Being the son of the legendary Fit Finlay (just Finlay in the WWE), he had huge expectations put upon him, after he joined the New Japan dojo.

He spent years teaming with Juice Robinson as “FinJuice”, before turning on Jay White and taking over the leadership of Bullet Club at Battle in the Valley 2023.

Since then, he has improved his character work greatly, and looks to move up the ranks as the top gaijan in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

David Finlay is taking part in this year’s G1 Climax, although he is not one of the favorites to win the tournament.

He spoke with NJPW 1972 in the run up to the event, revealing the reasons behind him taking over the leadership of Bullet Club from Jay White.

“Let me take you all the way back ten years ago.” David Finlay said, “It was another Irishman, Prince Devitt that started this thing, and it wasn’t about Tshirt sales.”

“They didn’t care about too sweeting fans, they cared about brutality and making a statement.”

“In the years after you had the nerdy side of BULLET CLUB in the Elite. You had the Tshirt selling machine that The Good Brothers were.”

“They got soft, they cared about merch and this and that. I don’t. At the end of the day the greats don’t build legacies on how many T-shirts they sell.”

“What’s important is what you achieve in this business. So I want to be feared, and I want my legacy to be greater than anyone that’s come before me.”

David Finlay will be in the C Block for the G1 Climax 33, battling stars like Shingo Tagaki and Eddie Kingston in his block.

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