Don Callis Calls Konosuke Takeshita “The Future Of AEW”

Hamish Woodward

Don Callis had heaped praise on his new client Konosuke Takeshita, hailing him as “the future of AEW”.

The Canadian manager turned on Kenny Omega during his cage match with Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite, ending decades of friendship between the pair.

He then introduced Takeshita to the Blackpool Combat Club at Double or Nothing, helping them defeat The Elite during the Anarchy in the Arena match, in the main event of the show.

During an appearance on today’s edition of Busted Open Radio, Don Callis spoke about the difference between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita.

He noted that the Japanese star was an Olympic hopeful in the decathlon, revealing how he’s “bigger, stronger” and the same level of an athlete as Omega.

“Kenny Omega was a great wrestler, and he was rich, but he didn’t have the success that he had until I came on board. Takeshita is the next level of Kenny Omega. He’s bigger, stronger, and amazingly, I’m not going to sit here and tell you he’s a better athlete, but he’s on that level.”

“This kid was an Olympic hopeful for decathlon. That’s ten events. He didn’t have to be great at one, like Kenny was great at hockey, he had to be great at ten.”

He then began to heap even more praise of Takeshita. Don Callis claimed that the Japanese star is “the future of AEW”, but that he needs better representation to get to the next level in AEW.

“Why bring in Takeshita? He’s the future of AEW. He’s struggled since he’s been here, not to have great matches, but to consistently make good decisions.”

“This kid had six matches in two days, and on 18 hours rest, wrestled Bryan Danielson. Those just aren’t smart decisions that someone with representation makes. Those bad decisions are going to go away, and we’re going to see that Takeshita is the future of professional wrestling.”

It’s likely Callis and Takeshita will join the Blackpool Combat Club, fighting alongside them against The Elite inside a Blood & Guts match, later this year.

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