Dustin Rhodes Explains The Problems With Scripted Promos In Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Now wrestling in the twilight of his incredible career, Dustin Rhodes has commented on the problem with scripted promos nowadays.

The son of Dusty Rhodes became a big star in the WWF in the late 1990s, mainly for his incredible character work as the enigmatic personality, Goldust.

He had some very memorable matches, but even more memorable promos as Goldust, including his incredible tag team run alongside Booker T.

During a recent interview on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, the AEW star revealed his views on scripted promos, and the problems with them.

Dustin Rhodes explained how, because somebody else has written them for you, that they’re not coming from a place of emotion.

He then noted that you need to make the promo your own, in order to move the fans watching at home.

The problem was scripted promos are they’re scripted. They’re not coming from emotion and there’s no real emotion in them. It’s what somebody has written for you.

What I didn’t learn is when a scripted promos handed to you, they never told you need to make this your own. So, if you have a script promo …

I’m going to [take those words] and make them my own so that I can bring the emotion, so that I can move somebody sitting at home.

You want to hook them. You want him to feel it when they’re sitting there and they’re like ‘holy man, that was incredible, I got to watch this next week.

Dustin Rhodes currently wrestles for AEW, as well as running the Rhodes Wrestling Academy,

His AEW debut was the best match of his career, putting on a five-star bout with his brother, Cody Rhodes, at AEW Double or Nothing 2019.

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