Finn Balor Almost Returned To New Japan… But Was Rejected

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Finn Balor almost returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling during his WWE run, but the move was rejected by Triple H.

The Irish star is one of the most popular in the WWE today. Balor is the leader of the infamous Judgement Day stable, who are one of the top heel groups on Monday Night Raw.

He recently lost to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. This may help him rethink his current WWE contract, and try his hand in NJPW again.

In fact, he attempted to make the move back to the promotion at various times in his WWE run.

The former Universal Champion spoke to Rocky Romero, attempting to have a short run in New Japan while he struggled to become a big star in the WWE.

Rocky Romero works behind the scene in NJPW, working as a liaison for foreign wrestlers in the company.

He spoke to Finn Balor a number of times over the years, with the pair trying to put together a deal to bring the former Prince Devitt to the company for a few matches.

Speaking with Comedy Store Wrestling, Rocky Romero revealed how he and Finn Balor tried to put together a NJPW return for The Demon, even asking Triple H to put the deal together.

However, it was ultimately rejected and Balor never made the return to Japan.

“I’ve had a couple of fun conversations with him over the last couple of years of like him kind of fantasy booking, ‘I’m going to talk to Triple H and see if there’s an opportunity to come back.’

This was years ago. Just come back and do a couple of matches and re-heat himself up before going back to WWE.

I definitely think there’s a value in that for somebody at that level who has been there for a few years, just heat them up by sending them out of the country and doing something really cool,”

While he remains in the WWE, Finn Balor could explore moving back to Japan after his WWE contract expires.

Finn Balor’s Last NJPW Match

Finn Balor’s last match in Japan before signing for WWE was a huge one.

His final bout took place at Invasion Attack 2014, with the Irishman battling against a familiar foe.

Then known as Prince Devitt, he wrestled his former Apollo 55 teammate Ryusuke Taguchi in a fast-paced and exciting match.

He lost the bout to his former partner, but it was the post-match antics that solidifed it as one of the biggest matches in recent years.

After the match, The Young Bucks turned on their “Bullet Club” leader, kicking him out of the faction that he himself had started.

Then, AJ Styles was revealed as the new leader of the group, joining the company after being low-balled in his latest contract offer from TNA.

Styles would go on to become IWGP Heavyweight Champion in his debut match, while Finn Balor would make the move to the United States and signing for WWE.

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