How Is Solo Sikoa Related To Umaga?

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Is Solo Sikoa actually Umaga‘s son? The similarities between the two Samoans have led many to speculate being the pair’s relationship.

Since his debut alongside Roman Reigns in 2022, Solo Sikoa has drawn some apt comparisons to former WWE Superstar Umaga.

As well as sharing similar face paint to Umaga, Solo Sikoa also uses a number of moves made famous by Umaga – including the corner hip attack and the brutal-looking Samoan Spike.

Solo Sikoa’s “Samoan Spike” pays tribute to the late Umaga, who died 14 years ago.

He very clearly pays tribute to Umaga, who passed away in 2009, every time Sikoa steps foot into a WWE ring.

But how is Umaga related to Solo Sikoa? Is Umaga the father of Solo Sikoa? In this article, we’ll explain how the two men are related inside The Bloodline.

Is Solo Sikoa Umaga’s Son?

Umaga Hall of Fame

Umaga son is becoming the next Samoan star in pro-wrestling, but that is not Solo Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa is not Umaga’s son, although he is a part of the legendary Fatu family.

Sikoa is related to a number of Samoan wrestlers, which include his fellow Bloodline members Roman Reigns and The Usos.

The Fatu’s are one of the most legendary wrestling families of all time, which began with Hall of Fame wrestlers like “High Chief” Peter Maivia and The Wild Samoans.

Peter Maivia was the patriarch of Samoa’s most famous wrestling family.

Solo Sikoa and the Bloodline are carrying on the legacy of their families, even though he is not the son of the late-Umaga.

Solo Sikoa’s father is actually Rikishi, the WWE Hall of Famer best known for his time dancing alongside Scotty Too Hotty and Grand Master Sexay in “Too Cool”.

He is the youngest son of Rikishi, with his siblings including WWE Superstars Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Solo Sikoa is brothers with The Usos, as well as being cousins with Roman Reigns.

While Solo Sikoa is not Umaga’s son, the former WWE star does have a son who looks to make a big splash in wrestling in the future.

How Is Solo Sikoa Related To Umaga?

Despite not being his son, Solo Sikoa is still related to Umaga.

Umaga is Solo Sikoa’s uncle, with the WWE legend being the brother of Sikoa’s father Rikishi.

Umaga was the younger brother of Rikishi, and found great success in the wrestling business under a variety of gimmicks.

As well as “The Samoan Bulldozer”, Umaga wrestled as Jamal in 3-Minute Warning.

He was most successful as Umaga, which is what fans most fondly remember him as.

Sadly, Umaga passed away in 2009 at the age of 36. His cause of death was a combination of acute toxicity, heart disease, and a failed liver.

Solo Sikoa was only 16-years-old when Umaga died, meaning he never got to wrestle with (or against) Umaga before he passed.

Umaga’s last match came in late 2009 against Mr Kennedy, while Solo Sikoa did not appear on the WWE main roster until Clash at the Castle 2022.

Luckily for fans, both Umaga and Solo Sikoa are included in WWE 2K23, giving fans the chance to play the uncle vs nephew match for the first time in history.

To learn more about the history of the legendary Fatu family, click below to hear Jacob Fatu’s explanation about the family.

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