How Max Dupri Became LA Knight & Became A MegaStar

LA Knight beat The Miz at Payback 2023 with the help of John Cena, continuing his rise toward superstardom in the WWE.

In the past year, he has talked his way into some main event spots and sold and ungodly amount of merchandise. Nobody became as popular as The Megastart in this time.

It is impossible to go to a wrestling show without hearing his trademark “YEAH!” chant, nor is it possible to sit on your hands when everybody says L-A-KNIGHT in unison on Monday Night Raw.

Many are calling for LA Knight to win the Royal Rumble and beat Roman Reigns. He has come so far from his days as Max Dupri, and his character change has been nothing short of dramatic.

How Did Max Dupri Become LA Knight?

Max Dupri became LA Knight on the October 7th 2023 episode of Friday Night Smackdown, a week after leaving the Maximum Male Models and his sister Maxxine.

Max Dupri split from the Maximum Male Models on September 30, 2023 and changed back to his LA Knight persona the following week.

In a backstage promo with Maxxine Dupri, he declared himself to no longer be Max Dupri, but that he was LA Knight (Yeah!).

Max Dupri changed to LA Knight on the October 7, 2022 episode of Friday Night Smackdown, reinvigorating an in-ring career that had looked to be over.

LA Knight wrestled his first match on the WWE main roster on October 14th 2022, facing off with his former employee man.soor on Smackdown.

The Megastar won the match in under three minutes, starting off his career in WWE on the right note.

LA Knight went on to feud with a returning Bray Wyatt, wrestling the Eater of Worlds in his final match before his untimely death.

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