Jacob Fatu’s Criminal Record Could Keep Him Out The Bloodline

With The Bloodline storyline coming to its natural conclusion, fans are wondering why Jacob Fatu has not been made a part of the angle.

The storyline has featured a number of members of the Fatu/Anoaʻi family, with Roman Reigns featuring as the “head of the table” for the family.

The group have helped Reigns keep his WWE Universal Championship for the past three years, in one of the longest title reigns in WWE history.

However, the family is now split apart. The Usos have turned their back on Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, after years of mistreatment from the Tribal Chief.

They are set to face off in a huge tag team match at Money in the Bank, which could put an end to the Bloodline once and for all.

However, one conspicuous absence from the storyline is Jacob Fatu. The Samoan star wrestles for MLW, and is one of the most promising young stars on the independent wrestling scene.

While there have been claims that he was offered deals with the WWE and AEW, it looks like Jacob Fatu’s criminal record is the reason he was not made a part of the Bloodline storyline.

Jacob Fatu’s Criminal Record

Jacob Fatu may have lost his chance of being a star in the WWE due to his past criminal record.

The cousin of Roman Reigns and The Usos in 31 years of age, and one of the top stars on the indie scene.

He reigned as the MLW World Heavyweight Champion for a record 819, and seems to have far outgrown the small company by now.

However, Jacob Fatu’s criminal record could be an issue for the WWE and the reason why he wasn’t included in The Bloodline storyline.

Before he became a wrestler, the young star embroiled in some legal trouble.

At the age of 18, he was arrested for an armed robbery and sent to jail for an unspecified amount of time.

This is a felony, and something very much frowned upon by the WWE. While the likes of MVP and Booker T managed to get hired following their own crimes, this does not mean Jacob Fatu will be able to.

Speaking in an interview with MLW, Jacob Fatu revealed that he didn’t even want to wrestle before he received his criminal record.

He cites watching The Usos on a prison TV as the inspiration for him to start wrestling, a career which has done him well so far, but could be so much more.

“I really didn’t grow up wanting to wrestle. I didn’t want to wrestle at all until the day I caught my case for the 211 when I was 18.” Jacob Fatu said,

“I was locked down, went to jail for some crazy reason. Every dorm has a TV. It’s just so happened to be flipping through the channels right? “

Who comes on my brothers, The Usos, man Jimmy and Jey coming on and I will never forget it. They came out with Tamina [Snuka] and they was wrestling against Tyson Kidd, another former MLW Superstar Davey Boy Smith, and Natalya.

Man, when I was 18, locked down in Sacramento County Jail. I was flipping through the channels and I seen my brothers and them. I think that’s kind of like where I made my mind up.”

Jacob Fatu is said to be tied into a lengthy contract with MLW, so it may be some time before he is able to sign for a major company – that is, if the WWE wants him.

He looks to have missed out on the storyline with his family, but that doesn’t mean Jacob Fatu couldn’t still be a star in WWE, or AEW, if given the chance one day.

Jacob Fatu was recently in some hot water for scamming a charity out of their money. Click below to read more about that story.

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