Jade Cargill Wrestles Bryan Danielson Every Wednesday Before AEW Dynamite

Hamish Woodward

Jade Cargill has revealed her pre-match schedule for AEW Dynamite, revealing that she steps into the ring with Bryan Danielson before every show.

The TBS Champion recently secured her 50th consecutive win in AEW, extending her winning streak by emulating Goldberg’s WCW run. She has quickly become one of the top stars in the company and has become a must-watch talent each week.

She came into AEW completely green, not having wrestled at all outside of All Elite Wrestling. Despite this, she turned down a contract with the WWE due to scheduling issues and took Tony Khan’s deal to ply her trade in the second biggest promotion in the US.

The AEW star spoke with ComicBook.com about her matches before AEW Dynamite against Bryan Danielson. She says she has “two matches in one day” when she wrestles in Dynamite, adding that the bout with the former WWE Champion is a match in of itself.

“I actually take Bucked Up pre-workout, their Miami Woke AF. That gets me ready for my matches. But prior, I just focus. I get there early. I start rolling around with whosever in the ring. If we have practice, I practice. If I’m working with Bryan [Danielson] that day, because it’s a Wednesday, I work with Bryan. It’s actually I’m having two matches in one day if you think about it. I train, I get back, I go get my makeup done, figure out my times for the match, listen to some good music that gets me all pumped up and into my character. Start stretching, take my pre-workout and I’m ready to go.”

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