Jeff Hardy Botches Move & Injures Himself At Double Or Nothing 2023

Hamish Woodward

Jeff Hardy‘s first match in front of fans in a year ended well for his team, although a huge botch put a damper on the proceedings.

The former WWE Champion teamed with his brother Matt Hardy and Hook, defeating the trio of Ethan Page, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn on the pre-show.

Hook picked up the win for this side by forcing Ethan Page to tap out, but it was Jeff Hardy who was the talk of social media following the match.

The crowd were electric for his appearance, and could not wait to see him finally get into the ring. However, once he tagged in, it all went wrong.

Attempting his signature Whisper in the Wind move from the top rope, he slipped on the slick ring ropes, and came crashing to the ground.

He landed heavily on his head and his leg, causing significant injury to the 45-year-old legend.

He limped for the rest of the match, and seemed out of sorts for the remainder of the bout. He seemed to miss a few spots and was out of time, but finished the match by helping his team to victory.

You can watch Jeff Hardy’s botch that injured him at AEW Double or Nothing 2023 down below.

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