Joe Hendry Teases WCPW Reunion Show

Local Hero Joe Hendry has teased a WCPW Reunion show, years after the promotion closed its door for the final time.

WhatCulture Pro Wrestling opened its doors in 2016, as the brainchild of the personalities of WhatCulture Wrestling.

The likes of Adam Blampied and Adam Pacitti created and starred for the company, working both backstage and as on-screen managers.

The show featured some of the biggest stars in the world, with Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Will Ospreay and many more wrestling for the company.

It changed its name to DEFIANT in 2017, following the departure of the bulk of the original crew. The show then lasted for two more years, eventually running its final show in 2019.

There has been talk about how influential WCPW has been over the years. Some have claimed that there would be no AEW without WCPW, as it gave some big stars the chance to showcase themselves on the indies (like Cody Rhodes).

Since 2019, there has not been any WCPW/DEFIANT shows ran, but former WCPW Champion Joe Hendry has called for a reunion show to celebrate the legacy of WCPW.

WCPW Reunion Show

Scottish wrestler Joe Hendry has teased a WCPW reunion show, in a Tweet that celebrated the legacy the company had on the world of wrestling.

He remarked how its incredible how many American fans first saw him through WCPW, and not in his runs in ROH or TNA.

He noted the impact WCPW/Defiant had on other wrestling companies, copying their style, and even thinks “its about time there was a reunion show…” for WCPW.

“Its incredible how many fans in the US say they first time they saw me was on WCPW /@DEFIANTwres

The impact WCPW had on the wrestlers and the scene as a whole is massive

Most major companies are pretty much WCPW vs the world

I think its about time there was a reunion show…”

Joe Hendry is a one-time former WCPW Champion, although his most famous matches in the promotion came against huge stars, like Drew McIntyre and Kurt Angle.

He even sent Kurt Angle packing from WCPW in their final match, forcing the Olympic Gold Medallist to tap out to his own Angle Lock.

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