Kaitlyn Refuses To Rule Out WWE Return

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE star Kaitlyn has refused to rule out a return to WWE, refuting claims that she is retired from pro-wrestling.

The former WWE Divas Champion last appeared for the company at the 2019 Raw Reunion, after a brief return in the Mae Young Classic the year prior.

Real name Celese Bonin, Kaitlyn has not wrestled anywhere since 2019, fueling speculation that the 36-year-old has now retired from pro-wrestling for good.

AJ Lee was Kaitlyn’s greatest rival in the WWE.

However, this rumor has been heavily refuted from Kaitlyn, who has not ruled out returning to the WWE in a recent interview.

Speaking on Muscle Memory with MuscleManMalcolm, Kaitlyn revealed she is “not 100% against coming back”, claiming that she is “always open to cool opportunities”, like working for the WWE again.

However, Kaitlyn disappointed fans by claiming that returning was not a priority, as she is currently busy running multiple business, such as her social media pages and smoothie bar.

Speaking with Muscle Memory, Kaitlyn said:

“I think with anything I am not 100% so against coming back like, ‘Oh, I’m retired and that’s it.” Kaitlyn said,

“I’m always open to cool opportunities, cool collaborations, it’s not really in my sight right now to pursue wrestling, but after so many years of being removed from it I certainly have a different appreciation for it,”

Kaitlyn previous spoke about her last WWE return, claiming that it was a redemption for her, following the way she left the WWE in 2014.

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