LA Knight Discovered In Triple H Workout DVD From 2014

Hamish Woodward

LA Knight is becoming one of WWE’s most popular stars, but fans have discovered a hilarious early appearance from the star.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion was previously signed to WWE in 2013, contracted to NXT in the promotion’s early days.

In NXT, LA Knight was known as Slate Randall, although he barely featured as anything other than a dark match jobber.

He was released just a year later, but not before he appeared in a little-known DVD that fans have just discovered was released in 2014.

One Twitter user discovered that LA Knight appeared in Triple H‘s infamous workout DVD, following The Game’s instructions as a background extra.

LA Knight (who previously went by Eli Drake in TNA), is seen working out behind Triple H, representing the viewer at home in the DVD titled “WWE Power Series: Triple H”.

A clip recently resurfaced of LA Knight shouting out his signature “YEAH!” catchphrase on the DVD, nearly a decade before it would become his catchphrase in the WWE.

Other former WWE Superstars who appeared alongside LA Knight and Triple H include Jason Jordan and Shawn Spears, aka Tye Dillinger.

Triple H is known to be a fan of LA Knight, despite fans anger that the former Million Dollar Champion did not win the Money in the Bank ladder match last week.

At the post-show press conference, Triple H assured fans that “great things will come” for LA Knight, and that his push in the WWE is “just getting started”.

“I know LA Knight was a massive favorite, continuing that ascent. Great things come to those who wait, and that rise is just getting started.”

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