MVP Reveals Truth Behind Gang Tattoo Rumours In WWE

Hamish Woodward

Former United States Champion MVP has a number of tattoos over his body, although he hid them for the bulk of his career.

During his run with the WWE, MVP opted to wear a colourful bodysuit, standing out in a world of superstars in black trunks and black boots.

His cocky, arrogant character as the hottest free agent in Smackdown history was a big hit with the fans, and he quickly rose to the top of the roster, with multiple title reigns.

Despite winning the United States and WWE Tag Team Championships, fans always wondered why MVP wore his colourful bodysuits during his matches.

Other stars wrestled with their torsos exposed, whereas WWE fans never got a glimpse of MVP’s tattoos.

There were many rumours that he was forced to cover up, due to a series of gang tattoos that he got during his time in prison.

MVP spent 9 years in prison for armed robbery, when he was just a teenager. He revealed the details in a 2009 interview, which you can read about here.

It seemed logical to many that the reason he covered his arms and torso was to hide various gang tattoos, that the WWE would not want shown on TV. He was part of gangs as a youth, and had a number of tattoos whilst in prison.

MVP did actually get some gang tattoos, but these were before he went to prison. He revealed in an interview with that his first tattoos were done with a needle and ink, done by his friends as a teenage.

“I won’t show them to you, but the first tattoos I got were gang related,” MVP said. “They were done by hand with a sewing needle wrapped in thread with Indian ink. The first was in my bedroom by my best friend … the second one I got in a park by a girl I knew when I was 16.”

However, the former United States Champion later took to Twitter to quash any misconceptions regarding the state of his gang tattoos.

Twitter user Scott Random posted a Tweet talking about MVP, stating “A mistruth spread is that your tattoos which WWE tried to cover up with your MVP outfit were from prison. This picture disproves it.”

MVP responded to this, disproving the idea that MVP was ever forced to cover any gang tattoos by the WWE.

Nobody ever tried to cover up anything.

MVP has a number of tattoos on his body, with various different symbolism. These include Egyptian tattoos, references to Malcolm X, and Samurais, among many other things.

You can click here to read all about MVP’s tattoos.

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