More Details On AEW Collision, The New Saturday Night AEW Show

AEW could be adding yet another show to their already bursting roster, with the addition of AEW Collision, rumoured to be aired on a Saturday Night.

This would be the fifth show AEW puts out, rivalling the number of programs put out by rivals WWE.

Joining Dynamite, Dark, Dark Elevation and Rampage (as well as the weekly ROH show), AEW are reported to be launching a two-hour live TV show in the future, reportedly called AEW Collision.

The show has been reported to be in the works by Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, whilst also corroborated by Andrew Zarian, of the MatMen Podcast.

Meltzer confirmed that he had heard about a new two-hour AEW show on Saturday nights was coming, on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The move could be a huge one for AEW, with a Saturday night slot being a huge addition to the product.

With ticket sales being exceptionally good on a Wednesday Night for AEW Dynamite, Saturday could prove even more lucrative in terms of ticket sales.

Jeff Jarrett was recently brought in to help with live event, and with his knowledge of the business from years of running TNA, this could have been something he orchestrated within the company.

While the 2-hour new show, if it is called AEW Collision, would be a huge coup for AEW, Tony Khan will have to be careful not to stretch himself too thin.

Running too many shows is what helped overexposed the WCW roster, and forced the WWE to run a brand split between Raw and Smackdown in 2001.

AEW Collision has not been reported to be starting any time soon, but Dave Meltzer seems sure that a two-hour show on Saturday nights is set to be happening for AEW in the near future.

Adding to the already full schedule of Rampage and Dynamite, AEW will have 5 hours of TV on weekly – the same as WWE has with Raw and Smackdown.

AEW recently trademarked AEW Colision, before filing for the corrected spelling of AEW Collision.

AEW Collision Updates

Dave Meltzer has revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer that the new AEW show, tentatively titled AEW Collision, is set to debut in June 2023.

The original idea for the new show was that it would be 2 hours long and it would have the same star power as AEW Dynamite, as opposed to the “B-show” Rampage.

Currently, the 7/8 Regina taping is scheduled for 6 p.m. Central time, so that would mean either a 7:30 or 8 p.m. Eastern start time for the new show.

However, Meltzer says these deals haven’t been 100% finalized yet, and he doesn’t know if it’ll be on TNT or TBS. Previous reports indicated the show will likely on TBS, but that remains to be seen.

CM Punk Brand Split?

Another rumoured part of the new AEW show is that it will feature a brand split, in order to placate the return of CM Punk.

Punk has not been seen since All Out 2022, when an explosive press conference ended in a backstage fight, which you can read about by clicking the link below.

The working idea for the new show was that CM Punk would be the star of the show and the roster would be split to some degree.

However, PPVs and other big shows would need to have all hands on deck. Dave also notes that such roster or brand splits historically never last long.

With recent reports of The Elite being happy to work with CM Punk again, the AEW brand split may not be necessary.

However, we will update you whenever more information becomes available.

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