Orange Cassidy Debuted Classic Song As Entrance Music

Orange Cassidy chose the Jefferson Starship song “Jane” as his entrance music, way before he signed for AEW in 2019.

The AEW International Champion chose the tune for his entrance music on the independent scene, where he wrestled for many years as a lower-card comedy act.

He had four different songs to come out to in AEW, before settling on the 1970s classic rock tune as his walkout song.

What Is Orange Cassidy’s Entrance Music?

“Jane” by Jefferson Starship is Orange Cassidy’s entrance music. He debuted the song on the June 29th, 2022 episode of AEW Dynamite, titled “Blood and Guts”.

The 1979 classic from the Freedom at Point Zero album peaked at number 16 in America and was not considered huge for the band, although it surged in popularity after featuring in the move Wet Hot American Summer.

The song “Jane” is probably best known for being in the movie, despite being a big hit for Jefferson Starship. Orange Cassidy was clearly influenced by “Wet Hot American Summer”, basing his gimmick on Paul Rudd’s character from the movie.

What Was Orange Cassidy’s Old Entrance Music.

Orange Cassidy has had four entrance themes during his AEW career.

The four songs he has entered into the AEW arena are;

The longest he has had one entrance song was Where is my mind, which Orange Cassidy used between 2020 and 2023.

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