Results for Young Bucks vs The Gunns vs The Lucha Bros vs Orange Cassidy & Hook at WrestleDream

Hamish Woodward

Three former AEW Tag Team Champions (plus Hook and Orange Cassidy) faced off in a lightning-fast paced four-way tag team match to decide the next number one contender for FTR’s AEW Tag Team Championships.

The match made little build up, but due to the men involved in the match, the promise of a quality match made up for the absence of storyline going into the bout. It was your usual AEW tag team match, each wrestling hitting their big spots, with about six people in the ring at one time for most of the match.

One of the most exciting part of the match was when Hook was tagged in. It was the first time he’s shared the ring with a star as big as the Young Bucks, and he was immediately put to task by Nick Jackson, trading Suplexes and attempting pin falls on one another.

The vast majority of the match, a typical multi-man tag match in AEW. The Gunns dominated the rest of the field, just waiting for Penta to tag in and take out the brothers with his usual, incredibly entertaining offense. The Young Bucks won the match in the end, setting up a bout with FTR or Aussie Open down the line.

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