Results of Luchasarus vs Nick Wayne from AEW WrestleDream 2023

Hamish Woodward

After losing the TNT Championship to Christian Cage just two weeks ago, Luchasaurus looked to get back to winning ways in his match against Nick Wayne at WrestleDream 2023. Wayne was wrestling out of his hometown of Seattle, Washington, and he received a huge pop from the crowd, while his mother beamed at ringside.

Luchasaurus continued to find his groove, after his fantastic match with Darby Allin at All Out 2023. It was a classic high-flyer vs giant match, with Luchasaurus swatting away Nick Wayne’s kicks before launching him into the air with a devastating German Suplex. The Dinosaur continued to dominate the 18-year-old wrestler, with some terrifying chops and a big British Bulldog-style Powerslam.

Nick Wayne tried his best, and managed to use his speed and agility to avoid some big hits from Luchasaurus. He hit some big kicks, but the power of the dinosaur proved too much for the youngster time and time again. The biggest hit from the match was when Luchasaurus nailed him with a chokeslam, over the top rope and sending Wayne right onto the edge of the ring (the hardest part of the ring), before beating him up right in front of his mother.

It took a quick dodge and a moonsault (that nearly missed) to get Nick Wayne his first near-fall, and continued with a flurry of kicks. He went for his top-rope cutter, but Luchasaurus sent him packing with a big clothesline to the back of the head, giving Luchasaurus another impressive win.

Luchasaurus is quickly becoming one of the best big men in wrestling today. This match could have used another ten-minutes, but giving the dinosaur a big win against a young star was probably the right decision for AEW.

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