Ryback Says Triple H Was The Biggest DisappointmentOf His Career

Hamish Woodward

Ryback has named Triple H as “the biggest disappointment in my wrestling career”, after releasing another scathing statement at his former WWE employers.

The Big Guy has not been shy in his criticism of the WWE since his release in 2016, with his comments usually unpopular with the wider wrestling world.

Fans haven’t seen Ryback wrestle in the WWE since 2016, when he lost to Kalisto on the Payback 2016 pre-show, when he saved Kalisto’s life following a move that went wrong.

He was released soon after the match, but has spoken very poorly of the company since then – even insulting Vince McMahon’s mother soon after her passing.

With his recent announced return to wrestling, Ryback is open to returning to the WWE, but that seems unlikely if Triple H hears what the former Intercontinental Champion has said about him.

Ryback on Triple H

Speaking on a recent episode of Konnan’s “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Ryback spoke about what his relationship with Triple H was like.

The Big Guy revealed that he and Triple H (who he refers to as “Hunter”) got on well in the early days, with the pair having a lot in common, and The Game giving him many tips on how to grow his character.

However, toward the end, he revealed that the pair had a number of heated conversations, with Ryback claiming he told Triple H that he was “the biggest disappointment in my wrestling career”.

Speaking about Triple H, Ryback said:

“I’ve wanted to like Hunter a lot, and I think early on a lot of it was very good. He was the one who came up with doing the double stack for the Shell Shock. He used to come up and we used to have conversations, and I don’t know what changed on any of that. It’s all a game on how things work. I can tell you, from Hunter’s perspective, I think we have a lot in common and I loved him growing up.”

“We had meetings in Stamford. He helped me a lot early on, brilliant mind with everything. But toward the end, we had some heated conversations with things.

“I’d go through him before I’d go to Vince. I told him, ‘You’re the biggest disappointment in my wrestling career. I grew up loving you and you’re just a f*****g disappointment.’ He put his head down and said, ‘Please don’t say that.’ But that’s how I felt.”

Is Ryback Coming Back To WWE?

Ryback vs Ultimate Warrior

Ryback has stated that he wanted to come back to WWE if Vince McMahon was out of the picture, so it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning any time soon.

He has famously had huge heat with McMahon over the years, and would only consider rejoining the company if the Chairman was no longer a part of the company.

“I will be very open to going back to WWE if they are sold. I have always been quite frank. If Vince McMahon is out of there and there is a brand new leadership, I will then be very interested in revisiting that, because that will be beneficial for me as a brand and as a performer going back to where I am known from, where I built an audience that is already well aware of who I am.”

Sadly for Ryback, WWE merged with UFC in recent months, with McMahon put back in charge of the company. This puts his WWE return on a standstill, although it doesn’t look like AEW or WWE want to sign him anyway.

Ryback was known for being very clumsy in the ring, injuring a number of stars of the years.

Click this link to find out every wrestler that Ryback injured in the WWE, including CM Punk!

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