Sami Zayn Calls The Bloodline Storyline “Amazing”

Hamish Woodward

Sami Zayn has revealed it is amazing to be a part of the legendary Bloodline storyline in WWE, as he prepares to face Roman Reigns in his hometown on Montreal. The Canadian star is set to main event Elimination Chamber 2023, the last stop on the tumultuous road to Wrestlemania.

The former NXT Champion has been involved with Roman Reigns and the Bloodline for 10 months now, but finally put an end to their relationship at the 2023 Royal Rumble. After the Bloodline had cuffed Kevin Owens to the ring and began beating him with weapons, Zayn turned on Reigns to save his friend and betrayed the group for good.

This has turned Sami Zayn into the most popular face since Daniel Bryan and his quest to take down the Bloodline has done huge numbers for the WWE. Ratings are up and fans cannot wait to see Zayn take and hopefully beat the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion tonight.

The Sami Zayn vs The Bloodline story has been brewing for 10 months, something that even Zayn cannot believe. The Canadian star recalled that it was “amazing” to be part of the story that peaked “10 months in”, and complimented the story and the performers for making it so.

Speaking to Main Event Radio’s Ryan Rider in Montreal on Friday, Sami Zayn had this to say about his storyline with The Bloodline;

It is amazing to be a part of a story that is that hot, and we are almost 10 months in and it is the hottest that it’s ever been. We are going into this match Saturday night at the Bell Center at a point where it’s hotter than it’s been at any point in the story. And I don’t really know if there is another story in existence that peaks 10 months in.

A testament to the story, the performers, the behind the scenes people who contributed for us to reach this point. And the fact that Montreal has become part of the story, and not just a place where the event is taking place. The fact that it is taking place in Montreal is crucial to the story, Montreal is now a character in the story.

Sami Zayn was then asked if he was able to beat Roman Reigns to win his first WWE Championship, to which he promptly replied;

I think it’s a very realistic possibility. And it’s amazing to say that because I don’t think we could have said that a year ago or two years ago. But now, anything can happen.

If Sami Zayn were to defeat Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2023, he would become the seventh Canadian WWE Champion ever and the first since Jinder Mahal’s…interesting reign in 2017

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