Samoa Joe vs CM Punk Confirmed For Wembley Stadium (All In)

Samoa Joe has laid down the challenge to CM Punk for a bout at Wembley Stadium, as the card for All In continues to take shape.

After FTR’s bout with the Young Bucks was confirmed, Samoa Joe took to the ring to offer CM Punk another chance at Samoa Joe.

Punk previously pinned Joe during the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, stealing the win with a roll-up to pick up his first ever victory over his rival.

Your king has nobody to dance with.

And that leads into our second problem – you say, I enjoy a very exclusive luxary in my career.

You see, when a certain real world champ was travelling around the world, teaching all you simple people that he was “the best in the world”, I knew in my heart that he was never better than me a day in his life.

But recently, I lost that luxury at the Owen Hart invitational – its not the fac that I lost it, its how i lost it.

You see, me and this so called “Real world champion” had battled for over three hours in this ring. Our legacies were built on the blood, sweat and tears of each other, and the pain that we put each other through.

And dammit, a roll up is not good enough for our legacy.

So I come here, “champ” and I come here as a courtesy, to give me what I want, to give these people what I want, to ask you to give our legacy what it desrves.

This was just one of many matches rumoured for CM Punk at All In.

Fans speculated about a match with Kenny Omega, as well as a bout alongsie FTR against The Elite.

Other matches rumoured included CM Punk vs Jay White, and CM Punk vs Ricky Starks.

However, it now looks like another chapter in the CM Punk vs Samoa Joe saga will take place at Wembley Stadium on August 27th, 2023.

The AEW All In match card so far is:

  • MJF vs Adam Cole – AEW Championship
  • FTR vs Young Bucks – AEW Tag Team Championship
  • CM Punk vs Samoa Joe – Real World Championship

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