Subculture Are Putting Wales On The Map As Champions In Impact

Stewart Harper

Wales has never produced many wrestling stars to make it big in the United States, although in recent years that has begun to change.

The country’s biggest representation in years gone by was from lower-level wrestlers like Mason Ryan (who appeared as Goliath on Gladiators), and Rob Terry.

While it was great seeing a Welshman on TV for the first time, they were both terrible. Failed bodybuilders who did not have the wrestling ability to become top stars.

However, in the years since, pro-wrestling has boomed in the United Kingdom. Promotions like Rev Pro and ICW have pulled in thousands of fans, helping to develop the next generation of British wrestlers.

This sucess made it across the Severn Bridge into Wales, where some of the best young Welsh wrestlers have helped but their country on the map with success in the United States.

Welsh Wrestlers Star As Impact Champions

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster continued their streak of breaking records, when they became the Impact World Tag Team Champions for the first time.

The duo, known as Subculture, defeated ABC, Bryan Myers & Moss and Sami Callihan & Rich Swann at Slammiversary 2023, winning the Impact World Tag Team Championships for the first time.

The pair recently took on the Motor City Machine Gunns on Impact Wrestling, putting on a fantastic match against the legendary.

They also suffered defeat to ABC in May 2023, failing to defeat the champions on the first time around.

Their victory over three other top teams made history for the Welsh duo. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster became the first Welsh wrestlers to win the Impact Tag Team Titles, an incredible achievement for a country of only 3 million people.

They have followed in the success of the Wales football team in recent years, inspired by Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and co.

However, this is not their first record-smashing achievement.

The duo (from Cardiff and Brynmawr, respectively) are the only Welsh wrestlers to win gold in the WWE, winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championships in 2018.

They have dominated two major promotions in the United States, and it is a shock that AEW never sought to hire them.

Subculture has taken wrestling by storm in both the UK and the USA, holding both the Impact and Undisputed British Tag Team Championships.

The sky is truly the limit for these young Welsh lads, who have the potential to be a top tag team in the world, making Wales proud.

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