The Crowd Singing Chris Jericho’s Judas Without Music Is Wrestling’s Greatest Entrance

Over two years on from that legendary moment, Chris Jericho’s incredible entrance from his match against MJF stands out as one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

Prior to his match against MJF on the August 18th, 2021 episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho entered the stage without any music, as per the match stipulation.

The bout came as part of the year-long feud between Chris Jericho and MJF. The two men bickered and squabbled for months, before MJF eventually joined the Inner Circle, before forming his own faction (The Pinnacle) to take down Jericho once and for all.

Because of this, Chris Jericho needed to get his hands on MJF – but there was a catch.

In order to get his match against the Salt of the Earth wrestler, he needed to perform the “Five Labours of Jericho”, five tasks MJF set for Le Champion before he got what he wanted.

While this Herculean task seemed like a lot, the former AEW Champion managed to get through every single one. Each labour was a match, of different stipulations and wildly different opponents, designed to stop Jericho before he got to MJF.

He battled foes from his past, his present and his future, beating Shawn Spears, Juventus Guerrera, Nick Gage, and Wardlow in consecutive matches to earn a shot at the fifth labour – MJF himself.

However, there was an interesting stipulation for this match. Jericho had been buoyed by crowd support during his tasks, with the fans singing along to his entrance theme being the main one.

So, MJF banned the music. No longer could Chris Jericho enter to “Judas”, his theme song that he sang, as part of his band Fozzy. He would enter to silence, with hopes that the crowd would fill the silence with an acapella choir.

And they did just that. Despite a shaky start, the entire crowd sang along, unprompted, to Chris Jericho’s music, in one of the best moments in wrestling history.

At one point, AEW’s ring announcer began to announce Jericho (stating “and his opponent”) before a quick hand to throat by Jericho signalled her to stop, and simply let the crowd sing.

They sang the whole song, with Jericho beaming from ear to ear throughout the whole thing. Fans singing along in wrestling is a rare treat (like with Edge at Clash at the Castle), but never before had something like that happened).

You can watch the crowd singing along to Judas on AEW Dynamite by clicking this link, or watching the video down below.

Chris Jericho On Fans Singing Along To Judas

Since the inception of AEW, fans have sang along to Chris Jericho’s “Judas” when he makes his entrance.

This was not something that really happened before this, with American fans not very adept to singing along (unlike European fans).

Chris Jericho seems to agree, as he claimed that Judas was the catalyst to fans in the US starting to sing along with entrance music, citing Jungle Boy and Seth Rollins as key examples.

Speaking to Wes Styles with Rock 96.7, Chris Jericho said about fans singing along to Judas, by Fozzy.

“Now it has definitely become a thing, it’s now to the point where other people’s ring songs are being sung with. I’m talking about Jungle Boy or even Seth Rollins in WWE. It’s almost like ‘Judas’ was the pioneer of that and the fans have so much fun singing that one they want to sing other ones as well, and that’s great. But ‘Judas’ was kind of one of the first for that.”

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