The Truth Behind Alex Koslov’s Retirement From Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Alex Koslov was one of the top young talents on the Indie scene in the 2010s, until he mysteriously retired one day, without reason.

His last match took place in 2015, although he came out of retirement for one more reunion after 7 years away.

In the meantime, he worked as commentator for New Japan, although he is incredibly private about his personal affairs outside the ring.

Due to this, details about what happened to Alex Koslov are limited, although we’ll do our best to give you as much information as possible.

What Happened To Alex Koslov?

Alex Koslov retired from wrestling in 2015, although he has come out of retirement for occasional matches in the years since.

The Moldovan superstar was one of the premier young talents on the indies prior to his mysterious retirement.

Alex Koslov had a brief run in the WWE from 2010 to 2012. He was part of their developmental promotion, wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling.

He never made it to the main roster sadly, as was released in 2012 after an unremarkable run.

He was briefly teamed up with Alexander Rusev in FCW, in an all-Russian tag team (despite Rusev being Bulgarian and Koslov being Moldovan).

Alex Koslov was then known as Peter Orlov, while AEW’s Miro went by his WWE name of Alexander Rusev

Why Did Alex Koslov Retire From Wrestling?

Alex Koslov semi-retired from wrestling in 2015, following a fantastic tag-team run in NJPW alongside Rocky Romero.

The Moldovan star did not give a specific reason for his retirement. He also said he was “hesitant” to call himself retired, although it is clear that he has hung up his boots on a full-time basis.

In a series of Twitter posts announcing his indefinite hiatus (which was clearly Alex Koslov’s retirement from wrestling), Koslov said:

“I am hesitant to say I’m retiring from pro wrestling, but I am taking a much needed indefinite sabbatical to focus on my life.”

Eight years on and Alex Koslov has remained retired, outside a series of one-off matches in various promotions.

Alex Koslov’s Last Match

Alex Koslov’s last match was when he came out of retirement for one-night-only at NJPW The Night Before Rumble On 44th Street: A Halloween Special.

Koslov teamed with former partner Rocky Romero as “The Forever Hooligans”, to take on the team of Kevin Knight and The DCK.

His return was a complete mystery, and the fans appreciated the nice surprise. He had not wrestled for New Japan since 2015, after a shock retirement ended his career well before his time.

The Forever Hooligans didn’t seem to miss a step, putting on a fun entertaining match that brought back memories of their run in the Jr Tag Division in New Japan.

Sadly, the pair lost to the Young Lions in the match, falling to defeat after a fun, entertaining 16 minutes in the ring.

As of the time of writing, this is the last match Alex Koslov has wrestled, in New Japan or otherwise.

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