The Undertaker Would Wrestle Again If He Could

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has reiterated his love for wrestling, revealing that he would wrestle again if was physically able. The Deadman last wrestled at Wrestlemania 36 against AJ Styles, beating the former WWE Champion in a Boneyard Match.

His final match was due to take place in front of thousands of fans inside an arena. However, due to the pandemic fans were barred from the crowd and the match was repurporsed in a cinematic match, The Undertaker fought of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luka Gallows to win the match and bury Styles alive, before riding off into the night of his motorbike.

There have been rumours of a return to the ring since then, but they have all been proved fruitless. The Undertaker announced his retirement during his WWE Network documentary series “Undertaker: The Last Ride”. He later accepted a Hall of Fame induction in 2022 and has embarked on a speaking tour, to mixed reviews.

Speaking on the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast, The Undertaker revealed that he would return to the ring “if I was physically able to”. The Deadman knows he would get a good reaction from the crowd but does not want to disappoint those who still think of him as the old, more mobile Undertaker.

Absolutely. If I was physically able to do it, I would be out there right now. There is a huge amount of our fanbase that will grade you on a curve. They understand that you’re getting long in the tooth, you have a lot of miles on you, but they just want you out there.

Then there is one part of that fanbase, ‘Ah man, he’s old, he shouldn’t be out there, he shouldn’t be doing this.’ Without any hesitation at all, if I felt like I could go and deliver, and deliver a performance that people expect when they see my name on the card, I would do it, but I know I can’t.”

The Undertaker wrestled for 30 years in the WWE, having one of the greatest careers in wrestling history. He wrestled in multiple Wrestlemania main events and won countless World titles, although they came at a cost. The Deadman revealed to Kevin Hart that he has had “17 or 18 surgeries” in a 2021 interview, although that number could have gone up since then.

It’s real enough to cause 17 surgeries. You know, what people don’t realize is that in the course of a match, you are only a couple of inches away in any given time from suffering really catastrophic. That two inches is a really great night or a really, really bad night.”

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