Was Elvis Presley A Fan Of Hulk Hogan Before He Died?

Hulk Hogan has claimed that Elvis Presley was a fan of him as a wrestler, although that is simply not true. Hogan is said to have made the claim in one of his books, although it later appeared that the claim itself was fabricated. While Hulk Hogan has told an inordinate amount of lies over the years, this is simply misinformation attributed to the former WWE Champion.

It has been claimed that Elvis Presley watched Hulk Hogan when he used to work in Memphis early on in his career. Elvis was famously from Memphis, living in his Graceland ranch while sharing his time between him home and Las Vegas towards the end of his life.

Hulk Hogan worked in Memphis when he was just starting out as a wrestler, which would have been the perfect time for him to be watched by “The King” on local TV. Hogan worked for Jerry Jarrett in “Memphis Wrestling” in the 70s, before he had even come up with the name “Hulk Hogan” (learn more about how did Hulk Hogan get his name).

However, the crossover between Hulk Hogan and Elvis Presley was short. Hogan debuted in Memphis in 1977 (as “Terry Boulder”), which was toward the end of Elvis’ life. In fact, Hogan wrestled his first match in Memphis in 1979, two years after Presley’s death in August 1977. Elvis died of a heart attack just a week after Hulk Hogan debuted in Florida as “The Super Destroyer”, losing to Don Simmons at John Carroll High School in Fort Pierce.

So, unless Elvis Presley travelled to Florida in the week before he died, he certainly never saw a young Hulk Hogan wrestling, and was not a fan of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer. However, it is hard to call this another one of Hulk Hogan’s lies, because there is no evidence that Hulk Hogan ever said this!

This is not the only lie that Hulk Hogan is said to have told about a famous musician. He has claimed that he was almost the bassist in Metallica, turned down the chance to play with The Rolling Stones and even lied about a dying child that he wrote a song about (there was no child, and the song is a lie).

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